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  • @nobroo surely ‘benefit fraud’ is only measured by those who are caught, how many are actually committing this offense must be impossible to measure accurately.

    Far more people probably ‘abuse’ the benefits system in that they make it a lifestyle choice – rather than seeking very low paid jobs they are actually better off being in receipt of benefits.

  • @nobroo Goodness that’s bad luck, hope it doesn’t trouble you too much now. I bloody hope it isnt arthritis, I’m not even 30 yet but I suppose it’s a possibility!

  • @nobroo we’re not getting 2 carrier strike groups. We’re getting 2 carriers. That means 1 carrier available, one in refit/workup. Which means we should always have a deployable carrier strike group available, a capability no country (other than the US) has.

    The french are deploying aircraft to a us carrier as their single carrier is in ref…[Read more]

  • Mick replied to the topic How do you buy a car? in the forum General Chat 5 months ago

    Just about all the car supermarkets deal with that kind of thing, and the best thing about it is that they tend to price keenly so if you hate haggling you can avoid it (or just do a bit as a nod to it) without being thoroughly ripped off.

    @nobroo I have not used a car supermarket but I would probably get my next car from one.

    The cynical view…[Read more]