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    @Nile is right insoles can help with back pain! I used to suffer from really bad back ache so I decided to go see a physiotherapist after thorough examination he told me that I should start wearing orthotic insoles to help improve my posture. The ones I bought where a pair from, I tried other makes but for me the footreviver ones worked the best (however it should be stressed that everyone’s needs and requirements are different so a pair of insoles that work for me may not work for somebody else). Within a couple of weeks my posture improved and my back pain reduced significantly, I still get niggling pains every now and again but no where near as bad as I used to get. Here is a link if your interested…

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    “Googlers” as they like to be called are sadistic disgusting people. #evil

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    I’m not sure they are, I think some of them want to help others and would like a fairer society.

    It’s pretty obvious that some of them are liars, rather than people who make mistakes, and they should be kicked out.

    I don’t believe MPs are any different to “real” people but they shouldn’t be lying purposefully and getting away with it.

    Boris has been caught out blatantly lying a couple of time, at least, and he shouldn’t be there.

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    I don’t know what it means, and I hope it’s good news for you.
    BUT, if it isn’t the news you hoped for, would it be worth broaching the subject of development pathways in the same meeting. Rather than just sit and wait for that post to open up again could you mention your concerns to your manager and ask how you can now develop your career, can your manager help in any way there by creating openings or involving you in projects??

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      I did mention this in the initial meeting about the role and my interview as I understand the need to create the role but feel like it’s a short-term answer rather than a long-term solution to the lack of internal development. The view was very much that I would gain career development via guidance from whoever came into the role, but an actual promotion would only open up if the role became vacant. Unfortunately after nearly 3 years in my current role I feel that I am more than ready for that next step and having had a couple of interviews elsewhere in the last 12 months that resulted in offers for roles of a similar nature I feel it would be incredibly difficult to just sit quietly and wait for an opening to come around again if the worst did happen. All of which my manager is…[Read more]

  • 1+ footreviver insoles. I wear them all the time for my flat feet and they have helped so much. Would definitely recommend them. I wear these ones!