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  • Drown.

    Remove food sources.

    Get some poison bait blocks – they will breed faster than you can trap them.

  • There are some ideas here http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/forumdisplay.php?f=145

    Prolific Academic is one of the better survey sites, though it’s been quiet through the last few months.

  • oldguy replied to the topic Best smart meters? in the forum General Chat 1 month, 1 week ago

    I’ve worked in the electricity supply/distribution industry for 30 years. I won’t be getting one anytime soon!

  • oldguy replied to the topic Drawdown Pensions. in the forum General Chat 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Moving cash out of a final salary is so crazy that it’s the only thing that they stop you doing without getting financial advice.

    Also, the way you describe it , it doesn’t sound like final salary. If you retire early on a final salary there is usually a reduction factor in the salary. So someone retiring at 55 gets less per year than someone retiring at 65 on the same salary and same years of service. Also, unless you’ve been with the company since your 20s you’re unlikely to have paid in the maximum years to get the largest fraction of your final salary.

    All in all, seek some proper advice. The short answer to your drawdown question is that 25% is tax free and the rest is taxed at you personal rate, like any income.

  • Its the price we pay for having incredibly low cost clothing, which is only so cheap because we are prepared to outsource the manufacture to someone in another part of the world that has a much lower cost of living.

    We have been so conditioned into the low cost of goods there is an outcry when we have to pay more for something that fits anyone outside the standard bodyshape.

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    My main aim for sending my daughter to school was to teach her how to work with other people, deal with other people and hopefully make friends. Anything else is a bonus!

  • If all state schools became properly funded and allowed to run in a way that benefitted their pupils I would have no need to write this post but instead would be profoundly grateful that sanity in educational provision had finally prevailed. Since it hasn’t and there’s no imminent sign of it happening I believe that, just as not all of us are 5′ 4″ tall, have brown hair and like R&B music (whatever that is? ) so we are all individuals when it comes to our educational needs and learning styles.

    The sausage mincer approach advocated by many will fit the needs of some pupils, true, but not all and it’s the ones that will fall through the gaps that concern me. I know for a fact that being forced into a mould and made to do things I was ill suited to do would not have allowed me to…[Read more]

  • If the Earth was flat, I would be able to wave at you from my backyard.
    Seeing as I can’t, conclusively proves that the world isn’t flat.
    Things like hedges and stuff getting in the way don’t count.

  • I find it amazing to contemplate that we recently passed the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 6 in April 1968. A remarkable flight as it was the second test flight of the complete Saturn 5/Apollo spacecraft combination. Things did not go according to plan, with engine problems affecting the second and third stages such that the critical third stage (S4B) did not restart successfully. This engine restart was critical as it was necessary to leave near-earth orbit for the moon.

    Imagine that if that were the case now and we followed the same timeline as 1968.

    We would go from 2 unmanned launches of this vehicle by April to a manned mission in October 1968, (only 6 months later!) , the first manned Saturn 5 launch, and then a decision would be taken following that one manned flight…[Read more]

  • My daughter is in one, she visits every fourth week, he visits every fourth week but staggered so they see each other fortnighly

    Skype, messenger all work in the meantime.

  • Nicknamed ‘fibro fog’, I think sometimes you are just so focused on using all your energy to get the next task done, there isn’t enough energy left to remember what wasn’t ‘important’ at the time, if that makes sense. It’s a bit of an auto pilot thing at times and you usually don’t realise you’ve forgotten until you try to think about it.

  • Well done you for sticking at it and getting the result.

  • Might sound a bit counter-intuitive, but to avoid the need for the bathroom, try drinking more!! If you drink through the evening, so your body has got rid of any toxins etc before bedtime, then you shouldn’t get the urge part way through the night. I’ll drink at least a pint of a weak squash, just make sure the last goes down about 30 mins – hour before bed. May be worth a try….. I just wish I could get to sleep in the first place, that’s my problem!!

  • Yes, but that is not what I’ve said. The point is that the money is not put in a separate pot or anything of the sort, it is spent the same as any other taxes (in fact more is spent than is being raised)

    All there is a law that says that if you have paid NI for X years you’ll get Y of state pension at the end. Obviously there is zero guarantee whatsoever that the law won’t change in the future.

    In short : you should not count on getting any state pension. If we get some, great, but there isn’t any money being put aside to pay for it, so, I wouldn’t rely on it.

  • So what was all the National Insurance I have paid all about then?

    The NI you pay is all spent by the state with the rest of the taxes you pay and doesn’t go into any special “pot”.

    All it is income tax, but with a different name.

  • What are “computer glasses”?
    Are they just cheap non-prescribed glasses a bit like “readers” that have been around for decades, but marketed as being for computer/VDU use? What is the selling point?

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    All politicians will cherrypick facts and stats to suit their argument. If there is the slightest wriggle room in interpretation they will take it. If they can find one expert to support them they will quote that expert and ignore the 99 who disagree. If they can come up with some form of weasel words that misleads but which they can defend later as not actually being a downright lie but ‘a misunderstanding they will use them (cf Promise, pledge, aspiration).That’s all standard stuff.

    Others will just plain lie, bluff and bluster (am I giving too many clues here?) because they have found they can get away with it

  • Dry powder. You can’t use water in any form on oil fires, and CO2 can just blow lightweight burning stuff around the place.

    Edit: it seems from a bit of Googling that this “water mist” type is a new development which is good for oil fires unlike regular water…may be worthy of investigation. So I’m no help really!

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    Google search results are useless..most of the time you can guess what they are going to be… I use bing.com it is so much better as it gives you a wider choice of sites and just has better results….plus if you have a Microsoft account you can earn reward points every time you search that soon add up and can be redeemed for vouchers including House of Fraser and mark and Spencers etc which is very cool!

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    Practically how would such a ban work? It couldn’t be on caffeine because of coffee and tea. It couldn’t be on sugar, because of Coke etc (even if taxed). Ban guarana or something?

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