• oldguy posted an update 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Using propane Gas in cold weather? Does anyone have any handy hints for dealing with propane gas bottles in cold weather? Standard orange bottle which feeds to the hob but this evening has decided to stop working. Slowly fizzled out and gave up.

    A little online searching suggests that pouring some warm water over might sort it and I’ll give that a shot tomorrow. Currently too cold and dark to bother.


    • Usually propane is much better than butane in cold weather. Have you checked the regulator? It may have ice on it?

    • My gas came from propane cylinders for a couple of years on the narrowboat. I never had a problem with the supply even in the depths of winter when the canal froze over. I’d be surprised if it was the gas itself that was the issue.

    • Propane is used in preference to butane in cold weather specifically because it works better in the cold. It has a boiling point of -42C so will be be gaseous down to that temp and usable to within a few degress of it. It isn’t that cold is it

      I think the problem lies elsewhere, pouring hot water on the regulator would seem like a good place to start.

    • Cover the regulator with bubble wrap or something similar on cold nights. I pour warm water over the regulator if it doesn’t work but probably shouldn’t. A full bottle causes less problems than one that is low.

    • I’ve got the blue butane gas canister in my van and it stops working in the cold, I’m swapping the gas supply to cure that. Your gas shouldn’t be ‘freezing’ in UK temperatures, it sounds like it might have ran out.

    • Never had any issues with our propane freezing. As others have said, could be ice in the regulator/changeover valve.

      Obvious question: The bottles not empty is it?