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    I’m ashamed to be an Aussie. Sack the lot of them and bar them for life. What a bl**dy disgrace. The nearest example of such tactics is when Angelo Dundee deliberately tore Ali’s glove after ‘Our ‘Enry’ floored him back in the sixties.

    Grrr. Embarrassed or what?

    • Shocking. I know they’re not the first to cheat with the ball (I’m still ashamed of Mike Atherton’s dirt in the pocket episode), but this was blatant planned cheating, and they sound pretty unrepentant about it.

    • Watched the press conference with my jaw in my lap. “Yeah, we planned to cheat and got caught. Obviously it was completely the wrong thing to do. Nah, I’m not stepping down.” WTF? Utterly cringeworthy.

      Who is this ‘leadership group’ Steve Smith refers to?

    • For someone who knows nothing about cricket, can you explain what’s happened ? Ball tampering, I appreciate. ..how does it actually work ? I really am clueless about such things.

      • I believe it has to do with roughing up the surface of the ball so it enhances the friction coefficient and therefore gets more spin. I think!

        • Not spin – swing through the air, before it bounces. Roughing up one side, while shining the other side, creates an imbalance in resistance/friction as it moves through the air, so it doesn’t go straight, it swerves, making it harder to judge and hit. This is allegedly more pronounced in some atmospheric conditions than others, though I’m not sure if there’s any proven science behind that.

          The fact that others regularly do it is valid context, but no excuse. It was planned, deliberate cheating with group consensus. Unbelievably stupid, given the camera coverage (Faf duPlessis was busted the same way not long ago) they know is on them. That again is no excuse, but telling of their mindset.

          Smith needs to be stood down for the remaining match, and Bancroft sent home. Both should be fined heavily. Lehmann’s position was already under question and this will, rightly, count against his future, even if he truly didn’t know about it.

          And all teams should stop using the term ‘leadership group’. There is one captain*. He is in charge. He is responsible and all bucks stop with him.

    • I thought the interview was astonishing – how can they sit there, admit cheating and expect everyone to shrug and let them get on with it. Sadly I’d say all involved to any significant degree need to be sent home, even if this match does collapse. Certainly Smith and Bancroft. Being removed as captain but allowed to play on is a joke.

    • Well Smith and Warner have been stood down from their captain/VC roles a few hours ago, so that’s a start. I don’t think pulling them out of the current game, with two days play remaining, is realistic.

      Going by the media and public comments on articles here right now (Sunday evening AEST) there is pretty much no sympathy for them at all – it’s surprisingly unanimous against them – and most are calling for them to be sacked completely. It’s actually getting a bit hysterical and over the top, to be fair. I’d hate to see how we responded to an actual disaster!

    • Smith should have been remembered as a really good batter but now he will be remembered not only as a cheat but a bully who got a young inexperienced player to do the dirty work.

    • One match ban and loss of one match fee. Sufficient for soiling the whole game?

      listened to the interviews of other players who had been wondering just how the Aussies got so much reverse swing out of a ball. At least we know now, so if they think it’s OK then let’s all cheat?

      Trouble is the pressure on test match cricket is already immense from competitor sports. It will just fade away I guess.

    • There’s a lot of hypocrisy and crocodile tears going on. It’s professional sport. Cheating is inherent: think Atherton ball tampering, Dean Richard’s bloodgate (which was not a unique occurrence in rugby), and any number of football,, athletics etc etc cases of cheating.

      Smith’s initial refusal to resign just reflects the assumption across many professional sports and sportspeople that cheating is part of the “game” and the only crime is to get caught.

      The media and pundits know this, and that talk of the “corinthian spirit” is professional sport is rubbish, perfectly well . Their shock and horror is contrived.

    • The bowler should be banned for 5 years, the captain for at least 10 (from ALL cricket, not just Tests). The same should go for the “leadership group”. This one match ban is a farce and will do nothing to deter anyone else doing the same.

      Maybe it’s about time cricketers were not allowed to wear trousers with pockets, might be the only way to stop it happening again.