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  • @ted The type of coating you’re talking about causes more light to go through the lens than be reflected off it. They’re sold as “anti-glare” but that’s not a very good description of what the coating does. The most useful thing it does IMO is cosmetic: someone else looking at you sees your eyes through the lens, not reflections. When I seen someone on telly wearing glasses without this type of coating I think, “didn’t anyone tell you how shit those glasses would look on telly?!” They’ll also make sure that you (the wearer) can’t see a reflection of your own eye (or any light source behind you) in the lens.

    It doesn’t surprise me that you can’t tell the difference between your anti-reflection coated specs and non-coated ones, but I’d tell the difference in how they look on your…[Read more]

  • @oldguy Earnings from previous job are on my November payslip (the only one received, not paid in December) so I thought they’d be on the P45 as well and I do know that if I log on to HMRC to view the tax record it all looks as i expect there. Just wanted to check it wasn’t going to cause an issue anywhere.

    Doesn’t help that I was taxed 40% on entire salary as already had November payslip from my previous job. At the time I wasn’t too worried as it should have come back to me in the December payslip. I don’t think I can get the overpayment refunded until end of the tax year if I don’t get a PAYE job before then. No idea how the payments from the insolvency service get taxed either.

  • @oldguy Fair point about treating the symptoms! Though work buddy goes every 2 weeks or so and is sometimes in more pain after, seems odd to me but I’ve no personal experience of it, so maybe the gains are better than the losses.

    Pilates instructor is really good and hands on, so hopefully she’s the same as a physio. She’s very correct and professional, I really like her.