• oldnag posted an update 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    A few years ago, I took some photos at a “friends” wedding. This person has had the decent photos but I obviously didn’t send her, the blurry out of focus, slightly too dark photos since they were not quality and you can’t see a thing.
    This person, now wants every single photo I took which is fine. I still have them. She can have them.

    However she is apparently instructing a solicitor as I did not give her all photos at the time and it’s a breach of contract. The only thing is, I am not a professional photographer, I don’t have a business in photography. I never have done. I also didn’t receive payment for the photos because I was a friend taking photos at a friends wedding as friends do.. I’m not sure where it’s coming from? Apparently we’re going to court over this?!?! I don’t think she has a leg to stand on but now I’m stressing. I get married this Saturday coming and I really could be doing without this.
    I havent replied to her message yet..

    Whole thing is ridiculous

    • Wow, that is really odd.

      What is her claim actually for? Honestly, if she instructs a solicitor I suspect she will be told she hasn’t a case. She sounds barking!

      Don’t let it stress you. Focus on enjoying your own wedding.

    • I would say that it’s down to her to prove that there was a contract and what it included. As the contract is likely to have been verbal, this will be difficult for her.

    • What a bitch! That is all. She has absolutely no case on you, so dont worry about that. Id send the photos to her but no further contact at all.

    • How very odd! My friend and neighbour is an amateur photographer and he is doing our photos. He didn’t want to be paid but has agreed to me reimbursing him for missing a day at his usual job. We have talked about the type of photos we want, and all I’ve asked is that he doesn’t use our photos anywhere else, which he wouldn’t anyway, but I just wanted to be sure as in general I hate pictures of me.

      Have you used any of the pictures you took anywhere that she might have seen them? It seems strange that this has come out of the blue and she is being so extreme about it?

    • Very odd, indeed.

      In any case, not only will it be on her to prove that there was a contract and what its terms were, but also how can she convince anybody that there are still “photos” in your possession?

      You didn’t state whether these was digital or film photography; didn’t state whether the “photos” as you called them were supplied as files or prints…

      I’d send back a letter along the lines of “here is the complete collection of all the photographs in my possession from your wedding, I shall enter into no further correspondence on this matter until I have taken legal advice”.

      Then wait it out; if I got a letter from a solicitor, then I’d take legal advice. But in the meantime, radio silence.

      And don’t let it upset or unnerve you; I don’t think she’s got a leg to stand on, and any solicitor she asks will tell her that.

      I wonder if she has read some article about Deepfake and is worried that her face might be stuck into a video…

    • Your friend, ex friend? sounds weird. You surely didn’t have a contract? I’d wait for the solicitor’s letter to appear before I did anything other than avoid this peculiar woman.

    • Sounds like a nut job.
      I’d honestly block any contact from her and just ignore her – surely no solicitor would back her.

      Honestly don’t give it another thought.

      If you do get a solicitors letter through (I doubt it) you should be able to get some legal helpline on your house insurance

    • Sounds like a Facebook ‘hunni’, with nothing better to do with her time, using the word ‘solicitor’ to try and put the frighteners on you.
      I’ve actually received fake solicitors’ letters in the past, a quick Google of a non-existent business address and a check on Word document revisions (IE not even a PDF with a signature on it!!) confirmed it in a couple of minutes.
      Just say you will be seeking legal advice yourself, block her and try and put it out of your head.