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    There have been quite a lot (more than “several” now by quite a way) of cases of them causing house fires – not always due to poor installation, in some cases, the fault was down to a design flaw. The electricity companies are understandably trying to keep it all hushed-up, you probably won’t read much about the fires that they cause on the news. Source – know someone that works for various elec companies and who has dealt with quite a few of these particular cases now.

  • I’d just replace it. I’ve replaced two on my car. One knocked off by a pheasant flying into it, one kicked off by kids.

    I wouldn’t even have considered contacting my insurers, in my mind insurance is for the unaffordable things like the car being totalled.

  • We put an ad in the local paper and picked the best sounding one..a few people applied so it was worth a try. We pay £10 an hour and she does 4 hours a week, which is a bit unecessary imo, but OH arranged it. Id have thought 3 hours for a house this size is enough (medium size cottage).

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    Thanks ever so much for your reply! I might see if I can get something to wear around the house and see if that makes a difference. Sometimes when I’m just walking it will suddenly ‘go’ and its so painful, walking outside today and it hurt hugely! I only ice it once a day in the evening so might try and do it more, in the morning before going to work for example.

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    yes i had this back in october, it was caused by me being away on holiday and walking round in bare feet all day then going out in the evening in completely flat sandals. You have my sympathies because it was absolutely bloody agony and exactly as you said, when I got up from sitting i was almost non weight bearing!!

    I saw my physio about it as i see her every 2 weeks for a back issue anyway. She advised not to strap it up but to ice it as often as i could and take ibuprofen. She also gave me a couple of ultra sound sessions on it which helped hugely. I also bought a pair of orthopaedic shoes and insoles from a place called nuovahealth and wore them constantly round the house. For me, it was worse when i was barefoot and the foot had no support from a shoe. Mine lasted about 4-6…[Read more]

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    Sounds like I might have a combination of both lol as I woke up with a sore throat on Christmas Day and am also very mucusy.
    I am a bit of a dirty bird, don’t wash my hands enough, so will have to be more fastidious. Have already washed everything and bleached the surfaces and got the alcohol gel out.

    Thanks everyone. Have just eaten two clementines, rock n roll! Going to try and do Christmas again at Easter

    I do tend to be generally robust (all the germs lol) so it’s annoying to have been hit with two humdingers in eight months.

  • Has spread through my nearest and dearest like wildfire, mine struck on Boxing Night and have been surviving on Belvita biscuits and dioralyte since. I mean one packet yesterday and one today.
    Really hungry but also conscious that it ain’t going to stay down for long.

    Any fellow sufferers? Just off to paint a black cross on the front door.

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    @niles The government could start by a bit of joined up thinking.
    I recently posted about a dodgy roof job.
    Got involved with trading standards who kept crying they are underesourced.
    I pointed out the Trader had given me an invoice for 4.8K with a fake address, so probably ducking tax.
    I gave them phone number, van reg, facebook profile and stuff.
    Asked trading standards if they would report to HMRC
    No, was the answer.

  • [quote quote=3204]All the above being said there is the difficulty with “conscious” as opposed to “self-aware” which I prefer. At the top end of creatures we know of would be the primates and us, and I suspect that the spectrum of self-awareness begins with anything with an emotion response -perhaps that is blurry at the bottom but a learning brain that has developed any ability to conceptualise (not necessarily with any theory of mind) might begin to conceptualise what it has learnt from its ability to literally feel emption and then start associating that with a central cursor, “me”, the crosshairs against which emotion measures the effect of a new or remembered piece of information on that self.

    Seems a bit presumptuous to think, it’s only man and apes that might…[Read more]