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  • Aha! Not so much a sleep problem as a work problem…

    Seriously, I hope you can find something that helps. Anecdotally, I know that some people have tried eating a handful of nuts before bed. Not sure of the science behind that, if any, but it is a cheap starting point if you can digest them.

  • There’s a theory that this was more common and used to good effect when we all went to bed earlier. Go to bed when it’s dark, wake up a bit later, think, read (if you could afford candles), kiss & cuddle for a bit, then go back to sleep.

    The myth of the eight-hour sleep:

  • NI is not an insurance policy, it is a tax with a fancy name and some slightly awkward criteria around it. I wish they’d abandon the pretence and just build it into income tax.

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    They’re an untrustworthy bunch for sure. Particularly the government we have right now. They’ll say anything to hold on to power or to push forward their personal agendas.

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    I believe it has to do with roughing up the surface of the ball so it enhances the friction coefficient and therefore gets more spin. I think!

    • Not spin – swing through the air, before it bounces. Roughing up one side, while shining the other side, creates an imbalance in resistance/friction as it moves through the air, so it doesn’t go straight, it swerves, making it harder to judge and hit. This is allegedly more pronounced in some atmospheric conditions than others, though I’m not sure if there’s any proven science behind that.

      The fact that others regularly do it is valid context, but no excuse. It was planned, deliberate cheating with group consensus. Unbelievably stupid, given the camera coverage (Faf duPlessis was busted the same way not long ago) they know is on them. That again is no excuse, but telling of their mindset.

      Smith needs to be stood down for the remaining match, and Bancroft sent home. Both should…[Read more]

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    Not to mention the steady loss of school playing fields over the past couple of decades. There’s so much which needs to change in this country.

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    He didn’t say he didn’t slow down when dazzled. I would have naturally taken my foot of the gas at the very least. Perhaps he did the same, we don’t know, but we shouldn’t assume he kept his foot on the gas when he did not say that.

    Secondly, it isn’t really pure luck. He was under the speed limit and was able to swerve to avoid the runner. Luck would have been exceeding the speed limit and narrowly missing the runner having not noticed him at all.

    However, I do agree it would be difficult to live with yourself and we shouldn’t assume the way is clear when we cannot see it. I had the misfortune of being knocked off my bike by a van who was blinded by low morning sun on a smeary windscreen. He was at a T-junction and I was on the main road and he just pulled out right into me. I…[Read more]

  • Rest as much as you can and drink plenty of water and orange juice. I had a bad cold last year that was probably actually flu and my breathing didn’t get back to normal for months… couldnt laugh or walk and talk without coughing. I didn’t rest enough cos I had just started a new job and didn’t take enough days off cos I as worried about first impressions. Rest rest rest.

  • I did – but I had to contact their CEO Their complaints system had no way of taking on board the evidence I supplied, until I took it to the top. Had to refund the buyer, get the item back and then take it up with them. They refunded me in full, including the fee I had to pay to have the item examined by a professional and a report written.

  • Starting with nothing, though initially daunting, can with a bit of forethought end up as an adventure. I did it when I was about your age, and once in to it — it was a blast! OK so you have a mobile ‘phone, that’s a start. Assuming that the drum which you’ve blagged your way in to is unfurnished what are the basics? Well;

    A mattress, a duvet, a couple of pillows. The bed can come later.
    An armchair, plenty of serviceable stuff in the charity shops. A small kitchen table and a chair from the same source.
    A telly? Without one you may end up talking to yourself, but there’s the licence to consider. If you can’t afford one, I’ve got a good-un that you can have.
    An electric kettle (vital for most). Plate(s), saucepans and cutlery, all that sort of stuff, is easily found — again, cha…[Read more]

  • I don’t think saving in things like bank accounts or ISAs or pensions or even property is likely to work out as well for someone in their 20s as it has for people who are now in their 50s or 60s. The mega trends which are allowing older people to retire at 60 and get rich from owning property are the same factors that are working against young people.

    Further, I don’t see how the present financial system can withstand the impact of genetic engineering and AI. People who are 20 now should expect to live to 100 or 120 or even older and they should expect most jobs to be replaced by machines. Artificial Intelligence is going to pretty much force taxation of wealth and redistribution via a universal basic income or all the rewards will be concentrated in property owning gentry.

    If…[Read more]

  • worth noting Forbes doesn’t write about countries that are good for the population but ones that are good for buccaneer businessmen or investors not necessarily living there!

    Plus it is describing Britain now, not as it finds it in 2 years as it does not know what we’ll be like unless we’re following an American plan.

  • personally I’ve been happy to have been in a country that is a member of the EU, imperfect though it may be and have been extremely happy to be an EU citizen. How do you expect me to be happy to be stripped of ehat I’ve known all my adult life and something for which I voted on the first occasion I was able to vote.

    Bugger Brexit I do want that to fail as it is treason, but only because I think we’re better in. Stop lying that wanting Brexit to fail is wanting Britain to fail – youse your own mind and stop parrotting the rubbish spouted by the main traitors