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    Why did you say it was the mantra of the bullies then? Bullies never say it.

    Anyway, you’re proving the point. You think that people should not be allowed to say bad words to you (because it makes your life less pleasant) and that authority should prevent them from doing so. You didn’t learn the lesson of sticks and stones

  • pete123 replied to the topic Sticks and stones… in the forum General Chat 1 week, 2 days ago

    Sticks and stones is what my mum used to say to me and siblings when I/we complained about others (usually each other) saying mean things. It’s definitely the mantra of the “bullied” and is intended to teach you that insults don’t matter – you’re not effectively bullied if it doesn’t bother you. Bullies would rather their victims were harmed by the words they’re using, that’s the point.

    It is a radically different way of thinking to the way modern society seems to work.

  • Hmm.

    Well, I’ve just been up into the attic fully, to set a couple of snap traps and the cage trap down, and it’s pretty grim up there. A lot of faeces, lots of brown stains, definitely a lot of chewed wires… I don’t think it’s a small number of rats, unfortunately.

    Quick question… the water tanks up there… they don’t have lids on… is that normal? I mean, there’s no carcasses floating around in them, but they are exposed to the spiderwebs and general roof grit that comes away in showers when you so much as look at it… I assume this is why, in older houses certainly, you are advised not to drink from the hot tap?

    Should something be done about this?

    So top of my list now is to seal every hole giving access to the house. After a quick check on our side of the buildin…[Read more]

  • I see absolutely nothing wrong with this review.. albeit it’s short and sweet but it just tells of your experiences with them. I think it is very bad and dishonest that they got rid of your review! :/

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  • My (beautiful, intelligent, faithful) mongrel would have a good crack at the job, but he’d probably be offended if I hired someone else in to have a go.

    And I am in Ireland, the place is like 90% water. The whole country is one great big water source.
    Also, judging by the size of the droppings, they’d be some pretty f*cking scary mice.

  • As far as bait goes, tuna mixed with olive oil into a smooth paste works a treat, as does cat food also blended up with oil. They can’t run off with it that way & have to stay around to nibble at it, increasing your chances of nailing the little buggers.

    Genius that is, nice one.

    With regards to the drowning being illegal… that’s a shame, as it’s a far better death than 99% of rats could ever hope to end on. Bludgeoning it is, then!

  • Ironically, in my opinion, if you plan on using a humane (cage type) trap it is only humane if you release the creature afterwards. If you plan on killing it, why subject it to being held in a cage trap and then finding an acceptable method to kill it? Presuming you can 100% avoid by-catch of other species, if not, cage trap and cranial dispatch or shooting.

    Releasing it is far from humane in my opinion, if they don’t make it back to where they came from then they are likely to die within days or even hours of being set free in an unfamiliar environment, and not from a nice quick knock on the head that they could expect here… almost certainly at the hands or claws of another animal or eventual starvation. If the problem turns out to be bigger than I had originally thought, then…[Read more]

  • Unfortunately, we are morally opposed to using chemicals and poison.

    I prefer to use subterfuge, cunning, and brute force.

  • Evening all,

    I moved into our new house 23 hours ago. It’s been a bit of a battle so far splitting our time between entertaining our toddling daughter and slotting our worldly belongings into their proper place, but we are getting there. As I was pulling yet another load of assorted crap out of the van, my wife, who is folding laundry into the wardrobes, calls me into the bedroom.
    “Listen to our new pets…” she whispers, pointing at the ceiling. “Mum said that they might be bats, or maybe a pine marten. I forget what she said.”
    I listen to the final half a second of a worryingly-loud scrape before it goes silent, but that’s all I need to hear. “Umm, darling…” I whisper, “Did your mother say bats or rats?”

    I go outside to the shed and pick up our freshly-inherited aluminum…[Read more]