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    Thank you for the ideas. I didn’t think of Halfords! Will also have a look at the Nextbase. I was quite shaken up by the truck thing and now want one asap!

  • Having nearly got wiped out by a speeding truck on my way to the shopse, I want to get a dash cam, one front facing and one rear, but are there any idiot proof ones? My car has Bluetooth. Do you always have to plug them into the lighter and have trailing wires? Do you need to buy a memory card thing? I’ve tried looking on Amazon but it’s rather baffling. I don’t particularly want the cheapest, but I DO want one that I can’t mess up!

  • As poster above says – don’t use the train, they are expensive, dirty and unreliable! Hire a car instead – Bath and Oxford both have park and ride, both beautiful cities personally I prefer Bath – take a tour of the Cotswolds too – doesn’t get more English than that!

  • I’m getting on in years and in my day life just was a competitive process and not one governed by centrally imposed quotas and targets and it was hard for some and not so hard for others. I was reading on the BBC website yesterday about how baby boomers like @FoldfogOldFogie and me have ruined the chances of millennials to own their own home. My first flat in Marylebone cost 7K off plan and the deposit was 1K. The deposit equated to a man’s average annual gross pay which is comparable to the deposit you would need today. My bank manager made it a condition that I had 6 months of mortgage repayments in an account that he controlled. I had a full-time office job during the day, worked in a wine bar 5 nights a week and was the tea time cashier at the Ritz on Sundays to afford that…[Read more]