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    How do you get rid of those nasty splits at the corner of your mouth..you know the ones, they suddenly appear for no reason and are agony?
    I’m piling on the usual chapped lip type things, Carmex Vaseline chapstick etc.
    It’s becoming impossible to eat apples and I can’t function without apples so it’s getting a desperate situation.

    • Blistex cream – It’s brilliant.

    • No expert. But check diet. Sometimes that can help.

    • Do you use lip salves etc all the time OP?

      I did for about 15 years, it was like being a smoker-couldst leave the house without having some on me-used it all the time. went cold turkey a decade ago and have not used anything since-never have a problem and am outside a lot.

    • Fucidin antibiotic cream from GP clears mine in 24 hours.

    • These are caused by being deficient in B12 or folate. Please go and get a blood test and have these checked!

    • OP please get these checked out, could be angular cheilitis which is caused by infection either fungal or bacterial.

    • I had these one year too – drove me nuts. Do you have Bepanthem in the UK? It’s for babies bums, and worked brilliantly on the corners of my mouth and eyes where they had watered in the very cold weather and then chapped.

      Was a top hint from someone I knew who worked as a ski instructor.

    • Do you lick them all the time? I used to have them bad as a kid cause i sucked my “dodie” til i was about 7 despite my parents plight…i would hide them and when i didnt have one i would suck my tongue on the outside of my lips so my mouth corners were always wet and salivad! If you do, reallllllllllllllllllly try to stop that cause it makes it…[Read more]

    • Blistex worked for me, I don’t have them any more but it did. Once I had a really long lived one and I was prescribed fuciderm (I think it was called, or is that what the dog has!!??).
      Blistex does sting when you put it on, but not for long.

    • I was told by a doctor many years ago that it was a symptom of zinc deficiency. I think he prescribed zinc supplements but I only took them until they ran out and have never bought any more.

      I don’t agree that eschewing lip balms helps everyone, some yes, but not everyone. I use plain vaseline at night and an unscented lip balm stick of any type…[Read more]

    • I had these, and tried all sorts of lip balms etc and it was the Daktarin that cleared it up.

      I was also using loads of lip balm at the time too, which with hindsight I don’t think helped, I now only use lip balm really occasionally if very dry.

      • If you think you may have an infection then I agree that lip balm isn’t the answer. You need to seek medical advice because you might need treatment for a fungal infection etc. My own problem has always been dry/eczematous skin and lip balm works brilliantly for me. It’s just the same as using body lotion, facial moisturiser, hair conditioner etc.…[Read more]

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    Fingers crossed for you!

    I’d assume that once the decision has been made either way, the meeting would just be you and your manager? Doesn’t seem like the whole interview panel need to be there for it.

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    So you’re not after especially low, you’re after normal beers which are at the lower end.

    I used to love a pint of Flowers Best Bitter – not seen it recently but that was 3.3% and a lovely drop of ale. My local has Ringwood’s Razor Back as the pub beer, 3.8% again very enjoyable. Brakspear Bitter is only 3.4%, it’s okay but I wouldn’t want it as…[Read more]

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    “Would YOU continue to run on the actual road when you can see that two cars are about to pass each other,”

    No, and I would move to the verge for a single car before they would need to start preparing to pull out. If lacking a suitable verge I would stop and take up as little space as possible, assuming I’d made eye contact. This wouldn’t hap…[Read more]

  • ratface replied to the topic Does acupuncture work? in the forum Health 4 months, 1 week ago

    Its just Snakeoil.

  • ratface replied to the topic Does acupuncture work? in the forum Health 4 months, 1 week ago

    It’s not worthless at all to that individual, it’s the most valuable evidence there is.

    @don Let us be clear – I am not saying their experience is worthless (pain got better) but that their interpretation of that experience is worthless (pain got better because acupuncture).

    Any interpretation of an n=1 uncontrolled experiment such as this has…[Read more]

  • ratface replied to the topic Does acupuncture work? in the forum Health 4 months, 1 week ago

    @luke The problem is that you don’t know that it worked. You could more accurately say “I had it and then my symptoms improved”. The link is not proved.

    To try and prove it, carefully controlled trials with many people are required. It’s never nice to tell an individual that their perspective on their personal experience is worthless, but tha…[Read more]

  • ratface replied to the topic Does acupuncture work? in the forum Health 4 months, 1 week ago

    Yes, tried it. Didnt work.

  • Flash memory like that in SD cards has a limit on the number of write-cycles it can make. This is often in the hundreds of thousands but does mean that the cards will have a finite life. In practice, a heavily used card could wear out in a couple of years quite easily. I wouldn’t leave anything vital on an SD card that isn’t backed up on more…[Read more]

  • When you saw the ‘item not received’ claim you should not have posted it. The buyer can only open a not received case after a certain period of none receipt. It would have been better to contact the buyer and discuss.
    I think you will need to accept the item back, contact eBay accordingly and swallow the loss of postage.
    Ebay will most likely side…[Read more]

  • I agree with niles total waste of money and designed to keep you in their system of control.

  • For many years I suffered with periodic lower back pain and spasm and like other posts above, I have tried all sorts of medication for it, OTC and prescription.

    A colleague then recommended I try a Homedic Shiatsu massage pad, and since investing about £30 in one 8 years ago, I have broken the cycle and no longer have the painful flair ups. Any…[Read more]

  • However, I’m wondering which technologies you think will result in mass unemployment? We’ll lose a lot of driving jobs in the next couple of decades but other than that?

    @peter White collar jobs. Specifically semi repetative Jobs involving number, data, spreadsheets and so on. Someone i know has started a machine learning company with a couple…[Read more]

  • ratface replied to the topic Getting taxation right in the forum General Chat 6 months ago

    @person I agree, it is more complicated than I made out above, but the general idea that the tax authorities should make an estimate of the local profit (which would obviously have to take into account the points you listed), and it should be the job of the company to prove them wrong if they feel the profits assigned to their operation in a…[Read more]

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    Blackfriday/cybermonday for me sucked I couldn’t find any deals. There is a huge lack of choice of things nowadays thanks to amazon killing of competition. I would rather pay a little extra on a small shop website than pay less for something on amazon at least I know that I am helping someone survive and our economy in the long term.

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    Looks as though amazon has been hiring lots of trolls to discredit the video in the youtube comments. Seeing this a lot recently, whenever someone posts something negative against ones of the big tech companies there is always an army off shills ready to shill on the big companies behalf.

    • I agree lots of shills were saying in the comments that this was faked but then they released another unedited video to prove it wasn’t.. also other people posted pictures of them get the same results. Also why would Steven risk his rep and ton of subscribers on making a fake video that could easily be tested. Amazon just quickly changed the…[Read more]

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    Same thing happened to that vlogger who was in im a celeb. He was kicked out after some one found a homophobic post he made on the internet when he was only 15!