• ratface posted an update 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    How do you get rid of those nasty splits at the corner of your mouth..you know the ones, they suddenly appear for no reason and are agony?
    I’m piling on the usual chapped lip type things, Carmex Vaseline chapstick etc.
    It’s becoming impossible to eat apples and I can’t function without apples so it’s getting a desperate situation.

    • Blistex cream – It’s brilliant.

    • No expert. But check diet. Sometimes that can help.

    • Do you use lip salves etc all the time OP?

      I did for about 15 years, it was like being a smoker-couldst leave the house without having some on me-used it all the time. went cold turkey a decade ago and have not used anything since-never have a problem and am outside a lot.

    • Fucidin antibiotic cream from GP clears mine in 24 hours.

    • These are caused by being deficient in B12 or folate. Please go and get a blood test and have these checked!

    • OP please get these checked out, could be angular cheilitis which is caused by infection either fungal or bacterial.

    • I had these one year too – drove me nuts. Do you have Bepanthem in the UK? It’s for babies bums, and worked brilliantly on the corners of my mouth and eyes where they had watered in the very cold weather and then chapped.

      Was a top hint from someone I knew who worked as a ski instructor.

    • Do you lick them all the time? I used to have them bad as a kid cause i sucked my “dodie” til i was about 7 despite my parents plight…i would hide them and when i didnt have one i would suck my tongue on the outside of my lips so my mouth corners were always wet and salivad! If you do, reallllllllllllllllllly try to stop that cause it makes it much worse lol

    • Blistex worked for me, I don’t have them any more but it did. Once I had a really long lived one and I was prescribed fuciderm (I think it was called, or is that what the dog has!!??).
      Blistex does sting when you put it on, but not for long.

    • I was told by a doctor many years ago that it was a symptom of zinc deficiency. I think he prescribed zinc supplements but I only took them until they ran out and have never bought any more.

      I don’t agree that eschewing lip balms helps everyone, some yes, but not everyone. I use plain vaseline at night and an unscented lip balm stick of any type during the day in the cold, windy weather. When using it I am fine and my lips are not chapped or split but when I stop using it my lips sort of scab over and have turned black on one occasion. It was very painful and unsightly and I don’t want that to happen again so I’m happy to use an unscented lip balm or vaseline as and when I need to.

      I never lick my lips and I have to drink lots of fluids due to the medicines I am on so I’m not dehydrated either and I’ve never had an allergic reaction to lip balms although I have had reactions to most skin creams and make-up.

      I hope the splits heal up soon OP as they are very painful. I’ve not had them for years but I can remember struggling to eat or drink when I did have them

    • I had these, and tried all sorts of lip balms etc and it was the Daktarin that cleared it up.

      I was also using loads of lip balm at the time too, which with hindsight I don’t think helped, I now only use lip balm really occasionally if very dry.

      • If you think you may have an infection then I agree that lip balm isn’t the answer. You need to seek medical advice because you might need treatment for a fungal infection etc. My own problem has always been dry/eczematous skin and lip balm works brilliantly for me. It’s just the same as using body lotion, facial moisturiser, hair conditioner etc. I couldn’t manage without any of those either or I’d be a dry, flaky mess and my skin would be raw and tight and very painful.

        I’d hate you to let your painful lips get worse by just giving up lip balms if you actually need a topical anti fungal gel or whatever. I can still remember how jolly painful it was when I gave up lip balm and there was nothing actually wrong with my lips except very dry skin.