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    Sounds like something I had – it’s not allergy, it’s a blocked saliva duct a small calcium deposit forms in the duct and blocks it so the saliva hasn’t got anywhere to go and the saliva gland swells, it subsided but will flare up repeatedly. First time they injected barium down the gland and took an X-ray – uncomfortable. I had a flare up if the parotid gland last year and they used ultrasound to check it out, much more comfortable. But they will also be interested in any potential tooth abscesses and since you’ve been to the dentist recently they might try to fob you off by getting you to go back to the dentist.

  • One – just one – of the things that’s always put me off those deals is that for the length of the contract, you’re effectively their driving bitch. Want to drive more than we agreed? It’ll cost. Want to get your car serviced, like we told you you had to? That’s us doing the work or if not, you’ll pay twice. Want to keep the car at the end of the contract? You’ll pay what we tell you. Of course, you could agree to have this shiny new car on another contract…

    OK, I don’t know the answer to your question but the whole shebang has always struck me as buying things on the never-never reinvented for the no patience, must-have-it-now generation.

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    The OH had it very badly, figure sitting on his chest, paralysis, feeling terrified. He fortunately seemed to grow out of it. He described how he tried to get my attention to break him out of it but couldn’t. Horrendous for him.

  • Probably plenty but it hardly justifies the opening up of a wider choice of drugs to kill yourself or others with.

  • I don’t think making recreational drugs legal will suddenly make everyone take them “responsibly”. People don’t drink alcohol responsibly so why would they behave differently using drugs? Whilst it is illegal only those that don’t respect the law or themselves will carry on making it legal will open a whole new market.

    It would still have to be licensed and policed and standards set on grade / strength etc. like alcohol as how do you know what you are buying? That would make it more expensive than illegal sellers so would it actually stop anything?

    I have seen bad effects of regular cannabis use including psychosis at its worst and at its best sapping any drive that person had turning them into a virtual zombie even if it was only at the weekend. These people kid themselve…[Read more]

  • Agreed – it only really gets complicated with things like bras, where larger sizes require more complex engineering. Though in that case, the material costs are small as, compared to a jacket or a pair of trousers, there’s not much material involved.

  • The argument for penalising those who require bigger items strays into complicated territory if you think about people who happen to have large breasts, or who are taller than average – they’re effectively being penalised for their genes, which doesn’t seem particularly fair.

  • Oxford is beautiful – the colleges are amazing and stunning, there is a gorgeous covered market with all sorts of quirky little shops under cover, you can walk next to the river and it is absolutely lovely

    And if you really want a touristy day out, you can go slightly north to Woodstock and Blenheim Palace, home of the Marlborough family – beautiful historical house and the most beautiful park you could imagine, designed by Capability Brown

    I was brought up locally and I don’t often promote the area for tourism, but I really do have to admit it is a lovely place to visit 😀

  • I went to a grammar school that was 20 miles away from home. I loved it, although sport was a bit underfunded. Some from my primary school went there too, others went to the local comp. I didn’t get tutored to pass the 11+ and many of my friends didn’t either. It was pretty diverse too, some people more well off than others, others qualifying for free school dinners and travel assistance etc. My experience was great.