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  • SAFFY replied to the topic Best dash cam to buy? in the forum General Chat 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Mine is cheepy-cheap from ebay, both rear and front faced. Yes, it has to be permanently plugged into lighter but cables are long enough to tuck it quite tidy.

    I have to say, I noticed changes just having a dashcam suck to my windscreen.

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    I was in a final salary scheme which closed in 2012. Currently my pot is worth £200,000. In 2 years time that will give me an income of just over £8,000 which is index linked. If I die my wife gets half. A number of my colleagues have just taken redundancy and one of them I know well is 53. He is proposing to take 25% tax free from his final salary scheme and hand the rest to a financial advisor to invest for him. His plan would be then to take out an annuity in about 8 years time, his argument being that his wife would continue to get the same pension rather than half from a final salary scheme if he died. What he doesn’t realise is that at current rates the value of his pot would have to double to give him an annuity that would provide him with the same pension as his final sal…[Read more]

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    I’m really proud of my younger cousin who went to Cambridge (he’s tackling finishing his PHD at the mo), but I basically agree. On the other hand, I was a little bit sad that Ellen MacArthur became a national hero in France (thanks to her French sponsor meaning she came to be noticed there) when she didn’t become one here during her sailing exploits, with her actually coming from the UK. It set me wondering about what is promoted as being worthwhile here, what is considered worth putting on the news and TV channels and in other media (IIRC the celebrity Jordan was more noticeable at the time). I don’t think it says anything at all that fewer people have applied to Oxford than Love Island, though, I think that’s just a convenient way for some people to look down their noses at who…[Read more]

    • Maybe you’re part of the problem if you feel that Ellen MacArthur didn’t get due recognition in the UK?

      The media that thrives is the media that we choose to use and take notice of. Even though sailing is way outside my range of sporting interests I was somehow very aware of her exploits.

    • My memory is that Ellen MacArthur was massively famous at the time, though maybe she got even more coverage in the East Midlands. On the same thread though, I do remember Tony Bullimore (clearly a very brave and formidable man) becoming hugely famous in the UK for being rescued, while in France, Pete Goss got the acclaim for actually doing the rescuing.

      Back on the subject, I think state schools do fail to encourage pupils that Oxbridge is possible. My daughter goes to one of the better state schools and is predicted three As (not A*s), but has basically been discouraged by the school who have identified their 8 (and only 8) great hopes.

      • That’s because A* is the new A, and lots of people get them. Having said that, she’s only 1 grade out and if it’s technically possible for her to get A*s then she should be allowed to apply.

        • yes, I know A* is now the top, even so for her course the required grades are A*AA, so she’s not far away. And the school can’t prevent her applying. But the point I was making was that even at a very high performing state school they are discouraging one of their better students from thinking Oxford is for them. This means that for many subjects, courses at the next tier of universities are more oversubscribed than oxbridge.

  • SAFFY replied to the topic Sleep paralysis in the forum General Chat 1 month, 1 week ago

    I used to suffer a lot from this especially if i fell asleep in the day time. That feeling of trying to move, trying to scream, get attention is treuly terrifying especailly when you feel there is something else there.
    Not very often I do suffer but by telling myself that what it is and trying t relax rather than fight it I see to be able to get myself out of it much faster these days x

  • I completely agree with the legalisation, and regulation of all recreational drugs.
    As far as the workplace, I’m sure that already there are people who are under the influence of drugs, just as there are some who have had alcohol. I don’t know that legalisation would worsen this situation tbh.
    The majority of drivers, for example, don’t turn up to work under the influence, and I don’t believe that would change with a change in law. It would still be illegal to use both alcohol and drugs in that setting.
    As far as cannabis, I am sure when my children were younger, they had days in both nursery and school with a teacher with a hangover, from alcohol. Cannabis doesn’t leave a hangover, as far as I am aware, so between the two, I’d rather see alcohol banned completely.

  • I think OP is completly out of order.
    They found a tiny amount of a substance that they decided, with no testing, was drugs aand then blabbed all over this forum about it.

    Whilst I agree that anyone whos ability to work safely appears to be comprimised should be held to account, this was not the case. It is quite possible that the substance found belonged to a diabetic and was a sugar replacement or something just as innocent. Yet the OP stuck their nose in and told this persons manager that they had drugs in their possesion. Outrageous!
    Any concerns should have been reported to a manager.

    I know a lot of highly educated people who use recreational drugs and still attened work and perform to the highest standards.

    If I was the OP’s manager I would be looking at dicsaplinary…[Read more]

  • Chasing people on foot is a very small aspect of probably the most varied career out there. Speaking as someone who spent ten years in the Army and ten years in the police I can safely state that while there are fat biffers in both organizations I met far more keen, motivated and intelligent people in ‘the job’ What would you rather? A copper who can do a mile and a half in eight minutes but keeps losing cases in court because they can’t write statements? The big hefty older guys do struggle with the beep test as it favours lighter more agile folk but same people are far more effective in public disorder type situations than the seven stone whippets.

    The beep test is considered a joke but the fitness standards were lowered to attract more females and ethnic minorities to…[Read more]

  • SAFFY posted a new activity comment 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    No, you’ve completely missed the point. Jonathan Pie is absolutely spot on (as usual). Hilarious as well. Goose stepping outside the court – brilliant

  • SAFFY replied to the topic Space and time in the forum General Chat 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    @science-guy Time and death are cruel, but I guess they give life value too. Suddenly early mornings are more important to me, even without anything in particular to be up for*.

    * I’m up sorting out my blood sugar before I can go to bed…

  • The Nvidia Shield TV generally seems to be quite highly regarded and I think it ticks all your boxes. It’s pricey, though. It’s designed to be capable of running games so if you’re not interested in that then you’re paying for unwanted capability.

    You could probably pick up the 2015 version for cheap on eBay. I think the important internal parts were largely similar and it would still do everything you need very capably.

  • Any good free graphic design apps for Windows 10?

    I’m making do with Photoshop CS but its just not cutting the mustard.

    Anybody used Scribus?

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    No, Google need to sell advertising. In order for advertising to work, companies have to be able to sell products to consumers. Therefore consumers have to have disposable income. Take that away through mass-unemployment and Google go out of business.

    • You just have to do a product google search to find that this isn’t the case! Google and amazon are fixing the online economy together.

  • SAFFY posted a new activity comment 4 months ago

    Exactly this.

    Just look at most of human history (pre-industrial revolution).

    We had a wealthy elite/nobility, and essentially everyone else was dirt poor.

    The economy didn’t expand, there was no such thing as growth and nobody had any incentive to borrow money (not that anyone would lend it) to invest and grow. As a result things chugged along pretty much the same as they did the previous century.

    Then industrialisation came along and the cost of production went down. Therefore the cost of goods went down. Workers could afford to buy the stuff they were building and the rich elites realised the benefit of investing profits in more means of production and the economy grew. Suddenly the concept of continual economic growth, based on rising demand tied to an expanding consumer…[Read more]

    • Maybe Google/amazon want to regress to 1700’s economy. Google’s whole business model is based upon controlling the internet.. monopolizing what people can and cannot see online unless companies pay for adwords etc. Also we already seen how various tech company’s including amazon.. uber etc treat their human workers.

      • @oldnag clone why would Google want to take the world back to the 1700s? No one would have any money to spend?

        Why do you that what they want matters? We in the West live in democracies where we can tell companies how they are to behave, not the other way round.

        • It not about money is it though its about control. For example Mark zukerberg made a speech about giving everyone free money.

          Also its bit pathetic talking about democracy and then referring to me as “oldnag clone” just because you disagree with me you want to undermine the legitimacy of my comments by making out im just a clone.

        • @troll You’re not making much sense. Zuckerberg (and many Silicon Valley billionaires) support some for of UBI.

          Again, this is so that everybody has a basic level of income to spend on consumer goods. Which are of course advertised on Facebook. The way you word it, it’s some kind of Dr Evil plot to enslave the world. I’m not saying there aren’t dangers, but do you really think that’s the motivation?

          Also, for the most part these are publicly traded companies answerable to shareholders (eg. mine and your pension portfolios) who demand maximum return – so quite frankly they’re not going to do anything to jeopardise their business model.

        • @troll So Mark Zukerberg is evil because he wants to give everyone free money?

        • @ericPoints Mao, Mariam, Pol Pot , Stalin all wanted to give people free money too because it just that simple.

          Your missing my point. For example lots of tech company’s are worth billions but do not even make a single penny in profit…but are worth so much because they CONTROL their market.

          What would the value of money be if everyone gets free money? But this wouldn’t bother these tech billionaires because they control all the tech that will service us in the future so it doesn’t matter to them if money becomes worthless because they will be ones with all the control.

          If Mark zukerberg and others really wanted to help they would give away 99% of their wealth still leaving them with enough to never have to work again.

        • @troll I agree 100%! I am wary of tech, can see benefits but the control / know all element is becoming more Orwellian. Would never have that Alexa thing or any thing similar, but most of us have net access and wifi. Ultimately what’s in scifi will happen as most are walking towards tech with tunnel vision.

      • No, Google need to sell advertising. In order for advertising to work, companies have to be able to sell products to consumers. Therefore consumers have to have disposable income. Take that away through mass-unemployment and Google go out of business.

        • You just have to do a product google search to find that this isn’t the case! Google and amazon are fixing the online economy together.

  • SAFFY posted a new activity comment 4 months ago

    I think we are all aware of the concerns. I somehow doubt smashing an iphone is the solution, however.

    • No because its your phone. If however you were only allowed to drive at certain times and speeds (this tech is already here) but you could disable it on your car? Or only drive on permitted routes. So many possible things we could be limited / stopped to do because authorities wish it. See China now to how it could be in any country if we let it.

  • SAFFY posted a new activity comment 5 months ago

    As a runner and driver here is my approach…

    I always run facing into traffic (I’ve had abuse from drivers who don’t seem to like this….). Whether light or dark, when a car approaches me I check over my shoulder to see if anything is coming the other way (this also means my headtorch swings around if it’s dark making me more obvious). If nothing is coming from behind I hold my line on the road but keep a close eye on oncoming car to make sure it is slowing or pulling out. If they don’t or there is a car coming from behind I move onto verge and if that means coming to a halt because it’s not ‘suitable’ so be it.

    I’m thoroughly aware how hard it can be to make the correct decision as a car driver on short notice and accurately judge what’s going on, how much space there is and…[Read more]

  • SAFFY posted a new activity comment 5 months ago

    Interestingly it is a civil not a police matter. If you lock a gate to block the car in then you may be guilty of withholding property. Similarly if you damage the vehicle. However blocking by use of soil or a car etc. is not as you may have legitimate reasons for doing so. A pile of gravel with a spade is not withholding property as they have the means to remove the gravel.

    Two old nails placed strategically under a couple tyres would allow the person to leave your drive when they return to their car, and probably get quite away before the tyres deflated. Naturally they could have picked up the nails at any time so there would be no direct link to you.

  • SAFFY replied to the topic Does acupuncture work? in the forum Health 5 months ago

    It’s placebo plus a small infection risk in exchange for your money. What is feeling like you’re doing something worth to you?

    @ben depends what it’s for.

    Stick a needle in your hand to help a headache. – probably (almost definitely) placebo.

    Stick a needle into the middle of a knotted muscle to help the knot relax – very real.

  • If you’re referring to the speech by Nick Carter yesterday, the motivation is clearly that (a) we have a new and highly ambitious defence secretary and (b) the yearly ministerial spending negotiations are ramping-up again.

  • I have stopped taking the pain killers now and am trying heat pads and a back support. I am still in a huge amount of pain particularly in the morning.

    I don’t get any warning of the spasms so cannot prepare for them. It’s very difficult to stop and relax when you have to work (Im a builder) doing a lot of manual work as I’m sure this sets it off.

  • @peter heres what you do
    a, though I hide it well on these forums, I do have a certain imbecilic charm. So do not be aggressive.

    b, Often with a new car the manufacturer will offer a deal on finance or lease, think £1K. You can usually after a month pay off the deal which netts a the £1K

    c, Dealers do special deals for NHS, BAE and big employers, ask, even if you do not work for these people , they will swing it, and an NUT card is free for first year and apply online.

    d, Colour, do you really want a mettalic, it £600,

    e, With a main dealer, there is always a discount, you can go to any dealer, and there is a unlmited supply of cars, but not customers, never ever forget this.

    g, the car dealer is not your friend, he will take £3K extra of you, they will not be insulted whe…[Read more]

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