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    I think if you’ve installed CopyTrans, MM should work now…

    It’s a long time since I did it, as I never really used the iPad for music. But I did use it to recover the music off an iPod for a mate.

  • I read a great white paper a few years back on a controlled study into different foods and bacteria levels after the stated use by date. Turned out chicken and Turkey, even two weeks past the use by date and discoloured, slimy and very pungent, had well below dangerous levels of bacteria and would have technically been safe to cook and eat, despite nobody wanting to.

    I genuinely believe the biggest cause of food poisoning is from things like washing raw chicken, not hygienic practice in the kitchen and not fully cooking the outside surfaces of meats.

  • I used to work next door to a one man band company called MasterByte. (true)

  • I’m 46. I have lived in the UK since the age of 21 and unfortunately can’t comment about phone lines. I can say, however that public transport seemed better to me when it was a nationalised service. This is partly my comparison of the old BR with current privatised services. Even more stark is the contrast between the publicly owned Edinburgh buses (thankfully still the case) and the utter farce that passes for a bus service in Glasgow. Lucky the trains are so good there.

  • OMG do your history. There were plenty of Labour govts at the time who also starved those industries of investment. They also had far higher rates of tax- both corporation and personal – then they do now and still could not afford the investment.

    @duck Being a bit more historical – at least Labour nationalised these industries in the first place. Later Tory governments did have the benefits of North Sea Oil revenue (no genuine Labour government had this), and they probably had a bit left over for public utilities (at least not for them to starve completely) after funding tax cuts for the yuppies and crushing the miners’ strike in 1984-5.

    Over paying their top directors. The pay of directors is insignificant compared to the costs of running these would make no…

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  • Agreed. In principle. The trouble was that publicly owned organisations were often very inefficient. If they were taken back into public ownership the business model would have to be different. Maybe having several businesses all owned by us and competing with each other.

    @callum @chris It seemed to be working OK at Southern Rail though before they we privatised again.

  • You clearly were not around when you had to wait months for the former publicly owned BT to install a phone.

    My next point covers this too.

    And the publically owned water companies were not allowed to invest in upgrading their sewarage and enviromental services to meet standards as the govt of the day could not afford the upgrades.

    The (Tory) government of the day starved investment in the public services, so they could con the public into wanting privatisation. British Rail is the best example of this, but I’m sure the other utilities suffered in a similar manner.

    Being private allowed those companies to get investment from sources not open to the govt.

    Being private allows these companies to rip off the public in or4der to over-pay their top directors.

  • There should be no private companies given any government contracts that don’t hold their tax accounts in the UK.

    I would go further. Public services, such as telephone, gas, electricity, water and rail should be taken away from private companies and put back into public ownership. The privatisation of these facilities was like inviting Dracula to a blood bank,

  • [quote quote=3244]Bugger Brexit I do want that to fail as it is treason, but only because I think we’re better in. Stop lying that wanting Brexit to fail is wanting Britain to fail – youse your own mind and stop parrotting the rubbish spouted by the main traitors[/quote]

    Traitorous to whom?
    It can’t be traitorous to the UK because the people of the UK have decided by democratic process to leave the EU.
    As for Brexit itself, it’s happening and if you want to needlessly bandy around such emotive terms as treason/traitor, then they would probably be best aimed at a Government that decided to ignore the results of the referendum.
    I voted Remain, but have accepted the fact that we’re leaving the EU and hope Brexit means that the UK is better for it.