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    The question must be, who applied for both? An each way bet, surely a sign of greater wisdom.

  • Are your products selling well in the shop and when you sell at shows and events? If so, you need to work out why that is not translating to your online sales – do you need to photograph your products better, would videos help demonstrate how good your products are, for example?

    If they are not selling particularly well in the shop and at shows, then you may need to re-evaluate your product, see if it can be improved and re-consider your pricing.

    I’d also suggest looking at people who sell similar things, particularly if they are doing so successfully, and see what they are doing differently to you!

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    Sounds terrifying, I have had it once when I was asleep on my back with my arms above my head, I had hold of one wrist with my hand and the hand had gone numb but the wrist could feel, so I could feel someone had hold of my wrist but not that it was me, I could not move for a while then.

  • I did long distance, me in Spain, him in the UK, he came over every few months, we made it work by texts and lots of facetime (or skype) luckily we both work for ourselves so could call each other anytime. Evenings we would facetime, and if something was good on the TV, we would put the same channel on, I would turn my tv down and listen to his, ( ipad propped up on the end of my sofa) it made us feel together, we did it for 2 and a half years, then I moved back to the UK 18 months ago and we live together. You have to trust each other and put the effort in to make it work.

  • I have similar problems (no issue going to sleep, plenty staying asleep resulting in me being exhausted) I had a sleep study and it’s thought to be linked to mental health problems such as anxiety. I’ve also been given melatonin to try- I just haven’t yet for fear of oversleeping! But yes, definitely worth a chat with your GP

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    “That said, communication styles do change and what works in one time or place doesn’t elsewhere, it’ll only take for someone to achieve some electoral success communicating more straightforwardly with the public to trigger change”

    I think you’ve missed the transition: five or ten years ago successful politicians used to play the games you describe. Droning on until people forgot the question and then answering a different one and such like.

    Trump and Boris Johnson have changed that. They communicate extremely straightforwardly straight at the prejudices of their base and they don’t give a sh*t about whether what they say is true as long as it is emotionally appealing. It’s been such a successful tactic that more politicians are copying it rather than trying to compete…[Read more]

    • “Trump and Boris Johnson have changed that. They communicate extremely straightforwardly straight at the prejudices of their base and they don’t give a sh*t about whether what they say is true as long as it is emotionally appealing.”

      Trump does, it’s not entirely clear how much of that is compulsive and how much is calculated. It apparently works but that’s not surprising given his barely literate base and Praetorian guard of right wing news filters. Johnson in general still doesn’t though he’s had a few little goes at outright populist nonsense, mostly he still errs on the side carefully distorting the truth and maintaining deniability (the bus for example, everyone stood in front of it but nobody is responsible for it) rather than flagrantly making stuff up.

      “It’s been such a…[Read more]

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    I don’t think it will work.

    Really irritating that a lot of manufacturers are introducing sweeteners (thus saving them costs) to products that didn’t used to have them, e.g. Ribena, lucosade. I’d prefer they pass the cost onto the consumer and gave people the choice. Sweeteners give me bowel issues and it’s getting increasingly hard to find drinks that don’t contain them.

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    Which is an affront to all right minded people. Many people in Gitmo are there without charge.

    Surely, even for they bastards they deserve a trial and a very long sentence.

    Not sure about removing their citizenship, since they weren’t born here, but supposing you removed their citizenship and they were returned to their country of birth, only to be free men?

    So I’m torn between doing something alien to our constitution (Gitmo) or bringing them here. I suppose the best thing might be to pay some country to take responsibility for their trial, the country they committed their crimes in, and make sure they don’t get out. Though I think this might be difficult since we’re talking about Syria!!

    I’m against the death penalty, but I might make an exception for these two. But that…[Read more]

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    I’d rather that people are free to reveal themselves as dickheads.

    I’d rather it wasn’t up to those in power to decide whether someone is funny or should be jailed.

  • scarymary replied to the topic Space and time in the forum General Chat 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    Time is what stops everything happening at once.

    However, I understand that one way of looking at spacetime is as a big four dimensional block with everything that ever “was” or ever “will be” in space and time frozen in – I suppose we just move through the block visiting different places in spacetime.

  • I’m not a prime member.. the last thing I bought from amazon it took quite a while for it to be delivered. I think Amazon does is fixing it so people buy prime. Its funny because this sort of thing wouldn’t happen on the high street for example imagine lots of people queuing at a checkout for ages at a store and then someone with a badge comes along and starts pushing everyone out the way and says “prime member coming through”!

    I honestly don’t know why people are pay for prime membership to me just to be essentially tied into amazon. All these subscriptions, gizmos and gadgets in my opinion scream of anti competitiveness just like how amazon patented the one click checkout for years and is hurting smaller businesses.

  • I had a wisdom tooth out in July, and ate soft food for 3 days, just tepid. Kept fairly soft for 7 days.

    I only loosely swooshed with salt water for a day, then brushed the other teeth, and after 3 days switched to Corsodyl mouthwash when cleaning.

    The most important thing is to not disturb the blood clot in the hole where your tooth was. Google tooth extraction, I got more information off that than I did from the dentist!

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    I can’t do more than repeat what all the kind posters have said, you are not to blame if you hadn’t been there there is a reasonable chance that something worse could have happened.

    But as others have said seeing them again will be emotional but needs to be done sooner rather than later. I imagine your friends are wrapped up in their own grief and might not be aware of how traumatized you are feeling as it is their dog not yours. I’m sure they will want to offer you comfort and support if they know how upset you are.

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    Do you use lip salves etc all the time OP?

    I did for about 15 years, it was like being a smoker-couldst leave the house without having some on me-used it all the time. went cold turkey a decade ago and have not used anything since-never have a problem and am outside a lot.

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    If you’d killed him, I’d have filed under sh!t happens.

    Just his bad luck to meet you at the precise moment you have been momentarily dazzled.

    It holds true that sometimes in life you make your own luck. Running in the dark on such a road is a risk but if you are into your running and that’s where you live, it’s just what you have to do… Hopefully he does it with a realistic appreciation of the dangers.

    Just as it’s not practical to instantly come to a halt every time someone’s headlights are too bright, I can see that, from the runner’s point of view, running on a dark verge isn’t going to work. If it where I, running in those conditions, I’d hope I was ready to react to an approaching danger such as yourself. I’d certainly not assume I was going to be seen 100% of the…[Read more]

  • Also people may like to know that if your provider puts up your costs Mid Contract you do have 30 days to cancel your contract. Meaning either a new provider or at least a chance to negotiate.

    @don I was intrigued by this so I just rang Sky about a potential Broadband+line contract. The salesperson did say that if the price of the contract did change then I could cancel my contract.

    I respectfully asked for a copy of the contract to confirm this and I was directed to the Contract site and PDF.

    In short, you have to virtually be a solicitor to grasp all the potential clauses where Sky can up the monthly fees. Basically you would have to suck up the payments and still not be allowed to cancel your contract because it is covered in practically every way that they can think of.…[Read more]

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    40 years ago my dad had acupuncture for persistent and painful dermatitis, after the usual treatments (available at the time) failed. After 1 treatment there was improvement, but the dermatitis returned. He liked the improvement so much he went ahead with a second lot, since when he had no recurrence. Placebo? maybe, anecdotal evidence? yes, definitely. However I should point out that he had had dermatitis for as long as I can remember and needed loads of creams / special gloves etc etc. Sometimes it got so bad it was painful to drive the car. As far as I’m aware there were no other factors which could have caused the improvement, and he swears blind to this day acupuncture was the cure.

  • What about other junk drinks like coke etc?

    I know someone who had a minor stroke age 30 and he was told it was from drinking red bull excessively and working long hours (farmer).

    I only drink highland spring sparkling water. I just hope they don’t find a health risk with that!

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    Brambles Farm – a pub in Middlesborough. Likely to get mugged on the way in, beaten up whilst you are in, Glassed in the punch-up that follows and end up in hospital and/or the police station as you leave in haze of drug fumes.

    (Luckily I believe its been closed recently).

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    Oh sweetie! So sorry you’re hurting again. I hope it heals as quickly and as well as possible.

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