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  • I have one of these

    It seems to work well and my parents thought I’d suddenly started cleaning thoroughly, which must be a good endorsement for it. It doesn’t do any room mapping, but it does cover the room randomly and spend long enough doing it to cover the area well. It can get stuck occasionally but then alerts you and stops running. On one charge it does approx 1.5 hours of cleaning. Overall I’m happy with it.

  • I had the same or similar cold virus last year and yes I know, it’s an absolute beast, you have all my sympathy!

    I can recommend something for the cough…fresh pineapple juice (well as fresh as you can get, if not a carton will do) mixed with honey and a sprinkle of salt.
    I know it sounds weird, a friend told me about it and I was quite sceptical but it honestly works.
    Hope you recover very soon.

  • Hearing all these situations make me no longer want to try and sell anything on eBay.

  • [quote quote=3403]Sometimes smelly and pungent is good.. or at least not bad, because if you have lots of other stuff growing it can inhibit the growth of some of the other stuff. But yes, re causes of food poisoning definitely.

    Geek bit, that is generally the basis of packaging, for meat anyway, it doesn’t stop growth but generally skews it towards the species we don’t mind so much.[/quote]

    My mum will open packed chicken well within date and throw it out. I gave her a lecture and told her to open it and leave it for 10 minutes. If the same smell was still there and strong, bin it but it won’t be, it’s just a reaction to the New air!

  • scarymary replied to the topic Wisdom Teeth Removal in the forum Health 6 months, 4 weeks ago

    Disclaimer – I’m giving you advice based on the fact that I work as a dental nurse, so take the advice that was given by your dentists over mine.

    Poor you for having to have to go through a wisdom tooth extraction at this time of the year!

    The amount of pain that you have afterwards, will depend on the type of extraction that was done. You say that it took a long time due to your mouth conformation – this will hopefully mean that it wasn’t a full on surgical extraction where there were a lot of bone removal and drilling involved. In some cases the upper 8’s have roots which are fused together, which makes the extraction itself much more straight-forward – but having a small mouth could make it tricky to get the instruments in the desirable position.
    Avoid hot drinks for the 1st…[Read more]