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  • Thanks everyone, I’ll take a look at the things that have been suggested 🙂

    @scarymary, my things are selling well in shops and at shows. I just need a way to drive more people to my Etsy shop – it’s not like Ebay, you need to drive traffic yourself

  • jamie replied to the topic Space and time in the forum General Chat 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    @scarymary @just-another-dave It is possible that in 4 dimensions all of spacetime is a composite whole traversed forwards by our minds, conscious and subconscious, supplemented in the reverse direction by the fact that they retain something of what has already been traversed in memory.

    Extra dimensions would allow parallel courses in which the flow of what we perceive as events could be different sometimes or always or different in the time dimension sometimes or always. There is an argument that free will allows a selection of which course at any one point on the time dimension we take. That selection would be limited to those physically possible from what went before.

    An event would therefore require more than 4 coordinates to determine “where”, how and whether it occurred …

  • Duck replied to the topic Space and time in the forum General Chat 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Time is what stops everything happening at once.

    However, I understand that one way of looking at spacetime is as a big four dimensional block with everything that ever “was” or ever “will be” in space and time frozen in – I suppose we just move through the block visiting different places in spacetime.

    @scarymary Your saying that everything is predetermined?

  • @scarymary

    “Under rules from regulator Ofcom, if the contract was taken out after 23 Jan 2014, if your landline, broadband or mobile (but not TV) firm raises prices without warning you before you signed up then you are allowed to leave penalty-free.

    But do check the T&C’s as providers may state in there that they reserve the right to hike prices in line with inflation, which would count as a warning.

    If it happens without warning all you have to do is tell your provider within 30 days of getting notification from it, and you can then leave penalty-free. That said, only do so if you can find a better price.”

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    What about other junk drinks like coke etc?

    I know someone who had a minor stroke age 30 and he was told it was from drinking red bull excessively and working long hours (farmer).

    I only drink highland spring sparkling water. I just hope they don’t find a health risk with that!

    @scarymary Anything with artificial sweeteners in… Aspartame was banned in the US but is in everything here.

    Your farmer guy sounds like his stroke was caused by stress.