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    With 6 UCAS choices I really don’t understand why schools are so discouraging – and I really do think they are. Especially as Oxbridge drop people out of the process earlier on meaning they still get to make 1st and 2nd choices elsewhere.

    You’ve got to be in it to win it.

    The only reasons I see to discourage are (1) to protect fragile egos – far better to try and fail I think but on a climbing forum I’m preaching to the converted and (2) to allow the school to conserve effort intensively coaching applications (and exam results???) on fewer students to give them more chance of a bragabble result on limited resources.

  • It might be worth you doing some Google Adwords for a bit. I can send you some links to keyword strategy sites that will help your Google Ads effectiveness. Also, make sure you have both a YouTube and a Google+ account. Whilst no one really uses Google+, Google loves its own and ranks those who bother to post to its two social platforms.

    Do you know anyone with a vlog/blog? Would they do some influencer marketing for you? I don’t know what your product is, but if it’s something one would wear, have a trawl through the YoutTube vids and see if a particularly enthusiastic youngster with a good following stands out for you, and get in touch.

    And this should help with Instagram:

  • Another point is the sensible option of gap insurance to avoid difficult conversations if the car is a write off- but – never take the dealers offer of gap insurance, go to ala or someone like them – My wife got an Evoque a couple of years ago and the cost of land rover gap insurance was about £450 for 3 years, ala offered exactly the same cover for £150. Then we had a closer look at her normal insurance policy for the car and it included gap insurance for 2 years so we only needed extra gap cover for year 3.

  • Why do you think the substance was cocaine?

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    It’s always seemed to me that in some ways schools are detention centres.

    Sadly the behaviour of what has been described by a local shopkeeper as “a flood of rats” at lunchtime makes me wonder what these kids are thinking – the bahaviour is at times animalistic.

    State Schools are NOT resourced enough to give kids any real individual attention unless they are the nail that sticks up. On the whole, it’s the parents that make a difference to their kid’s potential achievement. Sadly, so many of the kids just don’t want to be there and find school a bad experience. There are few inspiraitonal teachers, they are just struggling to get by wiht all the administration and management forced on them. All the lofty ideals of what education should be are just that, lofty ideals, the system…[Read more]

  • So who should cover the cost then of overly large people or people with large appendages such as breasts and feet?

    Cant really expect the manufacturer to pay for it, not their fault?

    What about other genetic body issues?

  • Can the teachers who support Grammars explain to me why you can’t teach the academically able in a top stream in a Comprehensive school for the subjects in which they are top stream ability?

    We stream ours in some subjects and not others. So maths and English are streamed and then some other subjects (assume due to timetabling blocks) end up with them streamed and others don’t. My friend teaches languages and the girls are not streamed for her lessons. So she has grammar-school ability children in her group, with those who can’t string a sentence together in English, let alone another language.
    In my subject, computer science, the girls are streamed, but not every girl in our top streams are that academically able. They are streamed based on the overall ability of the girls in…[Read more]

  • I fully support grammar schools and I believe we need more of them. We have several within an 7 mile radius in our area.
    I was educated in a grammar school- we were encouraged to do our best and we were pushed.

    I am now a teacher in an academy. It is very mixed academically and, sadly, I believe some of our brightest students would be better off in a grammar.
    I believe we should celebrate academic success and push the bright children. Grammars are able to do this in a way that other schools can’t.

  • In my experience adwords is a total scam created to extort money from small businesses just to be seen online. I started using it a couple months ago after our site was decimated in the normal search results for no reason. The niche that my site is in is very small with very little competition (only a few company’s sell what we sell in the whole world), however this did stop google from making sure squeeze as much money from us as possible. The cost per click for our ads was ridiculously high this was despite having a 10/10 quality score, setting a very high daily budget and only targeting exact match specific keyword with very little competition.

    After about a 2 months of using adwords, we gave up running the ads because after spending thousands we were running at a 20% loss.…[Read more]

  • Another veteran of long distance relationships here- if you want it to work, it will. The distance usually just highlights any doubts rather than being a barrier in its own right – so crack on and don’t worry!

  • Had a bad couple of days, work has been crazy both physically and mentally (I’m a vet nurse)

    I did too much especially today and although I got home fine I genuinely can’t remember anything about the journey back.

    This has worried me, I remember getting in the car and getting out of car at the end but that’s it.

    Can anyone with fibromyalgia shed some light on this please??!

  • We had a wonderful time there fifteen years ago for my OHs 50th birthday. It’s a fabulous old house, really lovely, in a beautiful location just right for what we planned for the rest of the day.

    It never occurred to me to look at the trip advisor ratings, I thought paying nearly £200 for dinner bed and breakfast was enough of a guarantee!

  • I was just so furious. We married on a Friday 13th for very special reasons, so every Friday 13th anniversary is really, really special, and of course we only get one about every eight or nine years. Their website is a total misrepresentation of the experience they are providing on a good night, and we struck unlucky with a bad night as well. It was unbelievably bad. Our local Toby Carvery does better food by far in a much better environment.

    I was also prepared for a fight. Tripadvisor has loads of comments saying that customers were complaining and were ignored. The more they tried to ignore us or wear us down, the more determined I got !

    I’ll give them something, though, this will be the wedding anniversary we remember above any other – for all the wrong reasons.

    Tip: Don’t…[Read more]

  • There is a reason why Britannia Hotels is referred to as the Fawlty Towers of hotel chains and year after year comes bottom of the Which report tables.

    I have just returned from court, where Britannia finally agreed to settle my claim for compensation for absolutely ruining a very important wedding anniversary at the Palace in Buxton with buffet self-service of lousy food in a restaurant like an army barracks or school canteen. A far cry from the ‘premium dining’ and ‘wide range of international cuisine’ with tables laid for silver service which is what their website says and shows.

    In the course of this six month dispute they ignored a letter sent by recorded delivery, strung us along with an offer which was withdrawn on the eve of needing to submit the next form to continue…[Read more]

  • If you find anything that works, let me know!

    I also fall asleep quickly, but after an initial 2 hours, I then go through a permenant sleep-wake-sleep-wake cycle. I generally see every 20 minutes through from about 1am til 6am and then typically I go into a deep sleep for the last hour before the alarm even goes off. Often I wake straight from R.E.M. and suffer sleep paralysis. I also have interstitial cystitis so have a very close nightly relationship with my toilet, which doesn’t help.
    By the time the alarm goes off in the morning, I am absolutely wrecked. Apparently I have a problem with the part of the brain that does sleep-wake cycles but as yet they haven’t been able to find a drug to control it.