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  • I get what you’re saying, and I was always very careful with maintenance. I had a bad run with that Yeti: a £10,000, four year old car managed to leave me stranded a few times. In the course of the next two years, there was a problem with the turbo dropping it into limp mode (eventually traced back to a software update that had been missed), a…[Read more]

  • I spent the first 20 years of my driving career thinking that anyone who drove a brand new car must be mad – that the only way to get value was to buy at about four years old and sell at about eight, so you’re not taking the hit of depreciation.

    Then I was persuaded to look at it more carefully, and realised that the overall cost of running my…[Read more]

  • You absolutely need legal advice. Your organisation must surely have access to a lawyer.

  • stew started the topic BT Broadband Scam? in the forum General Chat 1 month ago

    I had an interesting chat with BT today.

    I currently pay a lot for unlimited fibre broadband, which promises speeds of up to 72mb. However they concede that in my area, its only likely to be “up to 52mb”.

    Using various broadband speed checkers I find that I get around 23mb.

    So I enquired: “I can only get 23mb on your top fibre package, so it…[Read more]

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    Seems as though Googlers are all a bunch of losers who cannot take the truth that the company that they work for is EVIL.

  • More cloth is used, so why should this be subsidised by people who pay the same for smaller size clothing?

    Not just more cloth, also more sewing so more manufacturing cost.

    My guess is the more significant thing is that ‘extreme’ sizes sell far fewer units and are another inventory item for the manufacturer and stores to carry which takes space…[Read more]

  • stew replied to the topic New PC – any suggestions? in the forum General Chat 2 months ago

    I don’t disagree that added RAM improves performance but I do wonder what everyone needs it for. I control my business from a <£500 laptop with only 4GB of RAM running multiple concurrent applications. Speed isn’t an issue. Your computer is only as fast as the slowest part and it’s no good having lots of RAM or a fast processor if the hard drive…[Read more]

  • Can you add student loan thresholds in there? As they are effectively a graduate tax.

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    I agree he “was being a @#$&.” but I also think he should not be jailed. Training the dog to respond to “gas the jews” is tasteless and makes me feel very uncomfortable , but I do not feel it is criminal. That said, maybe I am just as bad… in isolation, I would probably have laughed at a dog being trained to respond to “Seig Heil”. To me,…[Read more]

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    We do. But the evidence would suggest the majority of the populace neither have the inclination to exercise or control their food habits.

    • But is that any reason for us all to have state imposed limits on our choices?

      • Well it is, isn’t it? There’s a reason we don’t allow under 18s to buy addictive substances and it’s partially around their lessened capacity to cope in the face of addiction. Part of the accepted public understanding on addiction is that part of the reason we ban, say, heroin, is because people cannot control whether they get addicted or how…[Read more]

      • @nutter You’re absolutly correct to compare it to addiction.

        Its all about addiction to food. It’s our environment making us unhappy which makes us eat. It’s the reward chemicals the food ‘industry and manufacturers’ are loading the food with. It’s the constant bombardment by advertisers that push us to eat when we are not hungry.

        Telling a…[Read more]

      • Doesn’t it come down to ‘net harm’ and ‘net benefit’ in the end, though? The cost of alcohol going very high in Norway may have resulted in more people brewing their own alcohol, and in people going over the border to get drunk, but overall it’s improved the health of the population.

        It’s not so fair, one might say, on the more responsible…[Read more]

      • No matter what the potential “benefit” I think it’s rather doomed to fail unless an element of personal responsibility, and self respect, is engendered at the same time. Just taking away choice, or prohibition, will not work, and will heartily piss off people who do not need nor want Nanny State in their dining room.

      • ‘ But it has to be a blanket thing doesn’t it? Smaller burgers, less sugar, less fats, low alcohol, it’s not like we have the ability to exercise personal choice in our diet, exercise or drinking habits, Nanny State must choose for us.’

        @flyguy To think about this earlier post of your’s, except for the smaller burgers, there’s nothing to stop…[Read more]

  • If you’ve got a good 4G signal, sounds like it might be an idea to look at using your mobile data instead…

  • stew replied to the topic Does acupuncture work? in the forum Health 4 months, 1 week ago

    I was very sceptical, so someone I know that is a qualified acupuncture…ist(?!) did it to my hamstring area. I went from only being able to extend my leg to about 120deg, to fully straight with no discomfort at all.

    I don’t know how placebo works, but I don’t think it can make you more flexible? Only lasted about 10 minutes, but if you were…[Read more]

  • That equation doesn’t really deal with the likelihood of life actually arising though does it? The chapter “Fraction of the above that actually go on to develop life, fl” touches on it saying that for one reason and other it appears to be a fairly likely outcome given the right conditions, but then this:

    @mo No it doesn’t – but it pretty much…[Read more]

  • Surely since to our knowledge life has only ever arisen once on Earth, all other things being equal, the possibility of the rise of life itself might be seen as being pretty unlikely?

    @mo No. Even using very pessimistic (but yes – still guessed at) numbers, the probability is pretty high we’re not alone:…[Read more]

  • stew replied to the topic Extensor tendonitis in foot in the forum Health 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    I have something like this but on the other side of my foot, Its from the underneath of my little toe down the outside edge and into my ankle, it’s constant agony and when standing I can hardly weight bare.