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  • @stew That equation doesn’t really deal with the likelihood of life actually arising though does it? The chapter “Fraction of the above that actually go on to develop life, fl” touches on it saying that for one reason and other it appears to be a fairly likely outcome given the right conditions, but then this:

    “From a classical hypothesis testing standpoint, there are zero degrees of freedom, permitting no valid estimates to be made.”

    Does not the whole usefulness of the equation rather hinge on that? That’s not a rhetorical question, I don’t know much about statistics so could do with some clarification.

    @ben But just because it is tolerable, doesn’t mean there’s anything about to tolerate it in the first place, necessarily.

    (1) We don’t know that life has only arisen once. P…

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  • I have suffered from really bad foot pain over the years but I’ve had some good results ankle and foot wise with therapeutic ultrasound.

    @ricky My friend is a physio and she suggested that. Something else to look into. I’ve found some heel supports that I must have bought as spares when I had plantar fasciitis and I’ve put those in my shoes this morning and that seems to have helped but its early still so I will see if they can offer me some help. I think my arches are quite low.

    I have something like this but on the other side of my foot, Its from the underneath of my little toe down the outside edge and into my ankle, it’s constant agony and when standing I can hardly weight bare.

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