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  • Excellent advice!

    I have a young friend who has recently started a small business making novelty wax crayons for party favours and the like. She has been very inventive with her photography, included small competitions, targeted the right age groups (pre-schools, nursery age, etc) and is doing really well for a business started just 3 months ago.

    She hasn’t boosted her FB posts as yet, but it looks as if she may not need to!

  • There is a very “them” and “us” theme running in this thread.
    I’m going to hold my hand up and say I took recreational drugs, way back in my youth. NOT the likes of heroin, even in my crazy youth I had half a brain… but most of the others. This admission will probably come back to bite me on the bum won’t it? I don’t plan on running for PM any time soon, hopefully it won’t matter too much.
    I dare say there are others lurking on this forum who have also taken drugs. Recreational drug use is far more common than many of you would think. It even still surprises me sometimes, finding evidence of it where I wouldn’t expect it. Drugs being illegal is just plain ineffective.

    Anyway, by far the most damaging drug for me was alcohol. I saw sense and came out of the other side,…[Read more]

  • I’ve had two long distance relationships. The first didn’t work – he never made the effort, was always questioning what I was doing/who I was with. The second one is still going, but we live together now. That started off as being a few hours apart, to being on different hemispheres. Communication and trust are key. We used to chat on the phone nearly every day, or at least send voice messages on whatsapp. We also did postcards which I loved the most. Whenever I struggled or got worried, I just had to breathe and remind myself who is and what we’ve got. It’s hard, but as the above posters have said, if you’re in a secure relationship, it’ll work.

  • My sister got me an Amazon Echo recently… bear in mind that she bought it in the UK and I am living in Switzerland. I brought it back with me and tried to set it up.

    First off, Amazon insists that I either use their Music Unlimited service or I can subscribe to Spotify Premium. I’ve used Spotify’s free option for years and never had a problem. So why not upgrade in order to ask Alexa to play any music I want?

    Having jumped through some hoops I finally manage to subscribe. Job done, right? Nope. I linked the Spotify account to Alexa and then asked it to play something. Alexa’s response is that streaming is not available on this device.

    Ok, let’s contact Amazon and ask why they have made me pay for a subscription and then tell me that the service still isn’t available.…[Read more]