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  • Surely if someone finds a powder that they suspect is drugs they should call the police straight away?
    Some valid alternatives to drugs given in some ofthe posts. But even if it was drugs, if the bag was not in the owner’s possession for 4 days then there would be no evidence that the owner had put the drugs there and they could easily claim that someone had planted the drugs to incriminate them (e.g. a work colleague at the same event, or one of the people in the company where it was left), especially if they had had a run in with someone over a work issue.

  • Any idea what ‘other’ spending consists of?

    It’s a sizeable chunk at 17%.

  • We could stick VAT and all the other taxes, local and national, into one lump as well (although that wouldn’t actually work) but then people might realise exactly how much they pay in taxes.

    They might also begin to ask where does it all go.

  • I’m a sceptical of special lens coatings that are supposed to reduce glare from computer screens by filtering out a proportion of blue-violet light. There isn’t any good quality evidence that such a filter reduces symptoms (headaches, strained/tired-feeling eyes) associated with prolonged use of screens. That said, some people think they’re great.

    @kevster Several pairs of glasses ago, maybe 6 years ago, I went to a popular cheap high street optician (sorry! but that’s another discussion – FTR I am happy with them) for an eye test and also to treat myself to new glasses. They had, of course, their everlong DFS-style “two pairs for £x” and I went for this, and decided to do a placebo test on myself. I got the anti-glare coating (£30) put on one pair and not the other, and d…[Read more]

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    Interesting,.. maybe Coke and Pepsi are not changing their recipe because they already offer sugar free alternatives? Will Red Bull, Monster and all all the other energy drinks be affected? They’re bad news IMO.

    • Rather than taxing them I would ban them outright. I don’t know about the rest of the country but round here shops are filled with school kids every morning buying energy drinks.

      • Practically how would such a ban work? It couldn’t be on caffeine because of coffee and tea. It couldn’t be on sugar, because of Coke etc (even if taxed). Ban guarana or something?

      • Ban them on what grounds? Caffeine is legal, sugary crap is legal and drinks in cans are legal. I understand the sentiment but I’m not sure how you’d define them in law, and as someone against the criminalisation of most drugs I’m not sure how you could justify banning something that contains entirely legal substances when the likes of alcohol and tobacco are both legal and freely available too.

      • There is a voluntary age restriction that some retailers are signed up to http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43287125 but it’s not actually illegal to sell this sh*t to under 16’s. I agree that it should be banned outright, you might get away with drinking it every now and again and as an adult it’s your choice but I bet long term consumption causes all sorts of nasties.

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    That would be a sensible approach but I’ve yet to see it suggested at all in the Guardian etc. Instead the focus seems to be on somehow trying to shame companies like Ryanair, and in some articles men generally, in to doing *something*.

    The ONS gives a lot of detail


    It points out 1/3 of the headline figure of 9% is accounted for by career choice and working pattern differences between men and women, leaving a difference of about 6% which doesnt seem huge. Then it notes education levels and career breaks will account for more, so the overall unexplained gap is at worst small.

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    It’s a result of an occupational hazard me thinks.

    They always run the risk of having their own merchandise pointed back at them.

    So they gotta be prepared for anything.

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    When you need painkillers to be functional, you need another solution.

    I have two herniated discs in my neck and I’ve had two flare ups in 3 years. Depending on how bad the pain is, you should maybe get an MRI to see what exactly is going on to then find the right treatment.

    Do you just need better back support while driving?

    If it is minor herniation, Turmeric paste is a natural remedy that helps inflammation. Pineapple is an excellent anti-inflammatory. I also stopped drinking alcohol mostly. I would drink wine every night, sometimes hard liquor but found that it was making my inflammation worse.

    this might be helpful >>> https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=turmeric user group (Group is run by a Australian doctor)

    • They have their place in medical treatments, but there are risks.
      Of course, if the person has an addictive tendency, then they should be avoided.

      I guess I should have put some kind of disclaimer, or smiley face @ the end, signifying me not being serious.
      I have 2 MDs in my family, and my fiance is a pediatrician.

      My bad.

      I also have disc issues (C6 & C7) from a car accident (went through the windshield) along with (2) 1.5cm cysts in my brain cavity causing nasty migraines. I was popping Tramadol daily, then got treatment for the problems and weaned off of the pills.

      After the MRI, I did PT and chiro (much to the dismay of my family members who think all chiros are quacks) & did lidocaine up the nasal passage – no more headaches.

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    I suspect quite a few have, and TBH I think that’s the best thing all round.

    Unfortunately some will find their way back, and the likes of Matrix Chambers will be desperate to have them as clients. What better way to display your social conscience, (and maybe in time make a couple of million off the backs of the British taxpayer), by protecting the rights of mass murders and sadists?

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    Not spin – swing through the air, before it bounces. Roughing up one side, while shining the other side, creates an imbalance in resistance/friction as it moves through the air, so it doesn’t go straight, it swerves, making it harder to judge and hit. This is allegedly more pronounced in some atmospheric conditions than others, though I’m not sure if there’s any proven science behind that.

    The fact that others regularly do it is valid context, but no excuse. It was planned, deliberate cheating with group consensus. Unbelievably stupid, given the camera coverage (Faf duPlessis was busted the same way not long ago) they know is on them. That again is no excuse, but telling of their mindset.

    Smith needs to be stood down for the remaining match, and Bancroft sent home. Both should…[Read more]

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    There’s plenty of organizations which need volunteers, though, and charities. There’s many ways of feeling useful which don’t involve working for money.

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    There are now several websites that will import at low cost if you are buying at least 12 bottles.

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    “does anyone know if it’s possible and financially reasonable to have the big streetlights retrofitted with LED?”

    Our Government Electricity provider has recently done a program of changing out streetlights for LED ones, a whole new ‘head’ was required because the old heads were properly old. I don’t like them, the pool of light is so bright anywhere not in the pool is pitch black.

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    Great to see such a discussion on the finer points of running safety. If you ran along a road at night in Africa you would almost certainly fall into a sewer that was missing its cover and people would assume you had gone mad or had stolen something. If you ran along a road in America at night you would probably be hit by a texting SUV driver or a redneck in a pickup; when my Mum and I suggested walking back from my brother’s wedding venue to the hotel, which we could see half a mile away through the woods, we were told in no uncertain terms that nobody would consider that we were walking for exercise or pleasure and we would probaly be taken for burglars and shot.

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    From reading this post, I’m surprised the owner of the drive has so little legal rights in this situation. Surely people can’t just park their car on someone else’s private property, using up their private car parking space and get away with it?

    If it was me I wouldn’t be very happy about it. If it persisted I’d leave a sign out saying cars parked in this area are at extreme risk of vandalism from local youths. That way you don’t actually have to carry out any criminal damage hopefully, the implied threat of it will be enough. and if any cocky shit tried it any way I’d key the crap out of their car then deny any knowledge and point to the sign.

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    @ratface Not from a single experience or event no, but after a few times an individual knows what works for them as an individual, irrespective of what the general evidence (which of course may be flawed) suggests.

    I had it and it worked for me (knee pain, immediate short term relief but half an hour later no change). I’ve been doing the Cornish version for years mind, when my brother said his leg hurt I’d thump him in the arm and he’d forget all about his leg!