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    How to get out of doing Work “teambuilding” event at work?

    A bit of a mumsnet “AIBU” / first world problems style post here, so apologies in advance.

    Basically, work (small-to-medium tech firm) are doing a teambuilding / annual kick-off type event. Local venue, a bit of inspirational “our mission as a company” chat, a bit of building bridges out of spaghetti, a bit of drinking. The catch is that they’re running it on a Friday and it goes on until about 11pm.

    I suspect that I can probably claim some vague but unavoidable commitments to weasel out of the evening segment if I want to anyway, but I’d be interested to know whether people think this seems like a bit of a dick-move on the company’s part in general, and hence worth having a quick moan at my manager about? I’m generally…[Read more]

    • Is it supposed to be compulsory or optional? Compulsory they can whistle but optional then it could be seen as a nice gesture for a fun night.

      I’m running a team building event on a Saturday in June, fully optional. I’m paying for the Total Warrior obstacle course race but there is no pressure, it’s just a fun day out where we get to be a team and the stronger help the weaker on the obstacles.

      • It’s not been officially announced yet, but they usually make it sound like everyone’s expected to come to the whole thing but then don’t mind if you ask whether you can opt out of the non-core-hours part. I’d be surprised if there were any negative consequences for crying off, but I’m a bit annoyed that they’d consider it something that they can expect people to do by default.

    • Depends on your relationship with the bosses and if you think it might be necessary if you want a promotion.

      Like you I’ll do some work at evenings or weekends if absolutely necessary, or if someone at work I like suggests a few of us going out for a beer then great.

      Team-building bollocks on my own time? Nope.

    • It excludes primary carers so borderline discrimination in my book, depending on whether missing the session will impact on your ability to perform more effectively, get promotion etc

      At the least, it’s ridiculously inconsiderate.

    • I regularly pay for a social night out for my staff who attend en masse despite the small risk that I might bore them for a few minutes with a “motivational” address. These occur on any night of the week. There is broad agreement however that Friday night is a suitable choice because all acknowledge that the cost of the evening should not be compounded by a complete lack of productivity the following day. After all, free beer!

      No one however is compelled to attend, nor ostracised for absence. And we do help single parents with babysitting/taxis.

      Let’s be clear however. There are those who rarely attend such events, including midweek when the need to rise early and clear-headed for an iron man event does not arise. This does inform me where their priorities lie. I’m running a…[Read more]

    • There’s currently a disciplinary thing going on at my place of work after someone did something naughty at the annual do. That adds an interesting twist to work ‘social’ events – you’re not at work, but it is a work-organised thing with only work people admitted, so do work policies and procedures apply?

    • My place of work has a policy of not putting on compulsory events outside of the hours of 10am – 4pm.

      Many of my colleagues work in labs and consequently work all sorts of crazy hours, particularly when doing experiments that involve taking a sample every 4 hours or so. Informal social events outside of core hours are common too. The aim of the policy above is to avoid meetings that people would be disadvantaged by not attending from occurring at times when people are commonly picking up/dropping off children and thus prevent inadvertent discrimination against primary carers.

      My feeling about the OP is that the company would be better to do the inspirational chat and spaghetti bridge building during core hours, start the socialising around 4 to allow those to have to leave…[Read more]

    • I think part of being a professional is showing up for events like this and pretending to care. You can always sneak out early after the spaghetti bridges are finished and nobody will blame you.

      Moaning about it to your manager can only have negative consequences and I would not do that unless these events start to become very frequent. Your perfectly valid point will be completely ignored and management will only get one message : “your a clockwatcher and is sowing discontent “.

      Suck it up for one night.

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    I would say that it’s down to her to prove that there was a contract and what it included. As the contract is likely to have been verbal, this will be difficult for her.

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    Do you lick them all the time? I used to have them bad as a kid cause i sucked my “dodie” til i was about 7 despite my parents plight…i would hide them and when i didnt have one i would suck my tongue on the outside of my lips so my mouth corners were always wet and salivad! If you do, reallllllllllllllllllly try to stop that cause it makes it much worse lol

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    Any recommendations for low alcohol beer?

    Best three I’ve tasted so far are Nanny State (everyone’s favourite), Erdinger and M&S Czech lager.

    • Hmm, they are the 3 I’d recommend.

      In europe most of the wheat beer breweries will do a low alcohol version now. Most are pretty decent but hard to get here (think I’ve seen franziskaner)

      • There are now several websites that will import at low cost if you are buying at least 12 bottles.

    • Weissbeer, I think it’s spelt, I thought was really good, (considering the obvious). Along with Erdinger it’s been my favorite.

      I tried one last night called Bitburger, but wouldn’t bother with that.

    • If you like Erdinger, then you should search out some Franziskaner (A blue label with a picture of a monk on the label) … only 0.5%abv and very drinkable! Probably the my favourite. Also, Warsteinner once chilled isn’t too bad for a 0%er. Both are available in my local Tesco.

    • Bitberger Drive is the best German pilsner type I’ve come across, (Estrella) Free Damm the best British/Euro type drinking lager. Morrisons do the Estrella, can’t find a supplier for Bitberger anywhere.

      Nanny State tastes like fizzy herbal tea!

    • How low?

      I’m looking for sub 4% recommendations. Ale not lagers.

      • Had one last night:

        Mad Squirrel Bijou; ‘Vermont Table Beer’, 2.9%

        Nice balance between malt and hops. Full flavoured, and didn’t taste ‘lightweight’ at all.

        This seems a pretty accurate description:

      • So you’re not after especially low, you’re after normal beers which are at the lower end.

        I used to love a pint of Flowers Best Bitter – not seen it recently but that was 3.3% and a lovely drop of ale. My local has Ringwood’s Razor Back as the pub beer, 3.8% again very enjoyable. Brakspear Bitter is only 3.4%, it’s okay but I wouldn’t want it as a staple. If you want very hoppy then Badger’s Hopping Hare is 4.0%.

        If you want more malty and less hoppy beers then you could look at milds. Traditionally lower in alcohol than a stout, and a bit sweeter. I did a quick search and a few new ones are >4% but you can find the odd 3.5 %. It’s not really my cup of tea, but I’m sure someone will suggest a good’un.

      • Kernel brewery do a reasonable table beer. It’s 2.5% and probably about as good as you’ll get sub 3%. It’s really quite a challenge to brew beers with gravity this low that aren’t either as thin as water or just way too sweet. Nanny state is absolutely disgusting.

        Closer to 4% is fine. Harvest pale from castle rock is under 4% and is pretty decent. Lots more british ales to choose from between 3.5-4%.

      • You should try some Berliner Weiss beers. They are fermented and soured with a sourdough culture before being boiled and fermented with an ale yeast. Hawkshead brewery do one called solar sour which is 3.3% and absolutely delicious and very refreshing on a hot day.

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    Isn’t 28 W already reasonably low?

  • troll posted a new activity comment 6 months ago

    Almost kills runner.

    Blames runner.

    Law wouldn’t agree.

    • so you would deliberately put yourself in a dangerous position when you didn’t need to? And btw, I didn’t even touch the runner, despite his arrogance in assuming he could be seen, which in this case, he couldn’t.

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    Yes, but it’s not exactly scientific research that is missing out when the GPUs are used to mine Ethereum. Maybe there’s a net economic benefit from all those scientific researchers spending less time gaming.

  • troll posted a new activity comment 6 months ago

    Not true. Bitcoin is mined with ASIC chips which are no good for anything other than mining Bitcoin. Trying to mine Bitcoin with a PC CPU or even a GPU is pointless, you’ll get so little it won’t come close to paying for the electricity.

    • Oh, I must have been thinking of ethereum which are mined through GPU’s then.

      • Yes, but it’s not exactly scientific research that is missing out when the GPUs are used to mine Ethereum. Maybe there’s a net economic benefit from all those scientific researchers spending less time gaming.

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    Put up a notice informing them of the car parking charges that you will apply.

    They’ll ignore it and eventually you’ll end up having to go to the high court where they’ll retrieve your money for you – for a small fee.

    Seen it all on daytime TV.

  • @josh I think that its a motivational phrase for the drones that work there.

    @torieboy I hope someone cuts off your legs and forces you to work for less than minimum wage all hours under the “work program” or whatever they are calling it nowadays.

  • These devices sound awful! Must have this that and other just to use. Plus you got the fact that Google does not pay taxes and is using these devices to control what people think by limiting people to what Google considers is right and wrong.

    Whats wrong with the good old cd player?

    Return it and get your moeny back I say!

  • … So, in this position, who would you speak to? Physio, sports massage, osteopath?

    My GP.

  • Can’t you contact the manufacturer? They will be able to tell you the rating.

  • Most bad stuff these days is generically referred to as malware which encompasses everything from viruses to keyloggers to spyware to what ever else nasty you can think of.

    Anti Virus software not only helps keep viruses out but it can also keep quite a bit of malware out in general. They also have the ability to stop you getting caught out by scammers and phishing sites after banking details.

    Personally, I use an anti virus, a few malware detection tools and a firewall on both my operating system and my home router.

    Probably the most respected free Antivirus are Bit Defender, Avera and Avast but depending on which websites you read, they get differing scores.

    As for malware I use the various tools created by Malwarebytes, Privazer and possibly cCleaner.

    This helps keep my…[Read more]

  • I can’t believe China wanting to ignore thousands of years of keeping to itself to wanting to seek world domination.

    I can’t see Russia wanting world domination either, however the USA is a more scary prospect. And at least the UK is keeping its friends closer, or at least till Trump waddled on the scene.

    Maybe China and Russia could become major global dominating influences in cyber warfare and cyber espionage.

    Good job there isn’t a weak link in the internet and world wide web in the form of a physical cable that could be cut by an armada of submerged drones. Such a physical pulling of a plug could send the west back into the stone age.

    I’d be more scared of China, on a national level, producing subtle security flaws into the tech that they sell to the world. They have…[Read more]

  • As our bean counters threaten military spending, Russia and China are considered a threat to try to increase funding for the armed forces.

    But are those Red nations a physical threat to our way of life?

    Apart from Russia playing war games, are they known for invading counties that they did not think were theirs ideologicaly?

    Rather than improving our physical weapons, should we be improving our cyber warfare capabilities as more of a priority?

  • went to see a physio yesterday who did a fact find but sadly no hands on treatment , he seems to think I have muscle spasms due to a spinal problem but didn’t give me a diagnosis. I didn’t warm to him tbh he seemed ‘ going through the motions ‘ but I have a treatment session next week so will see after that.

    He’s a physio so he can’t give you a diagnosis for a spinal problem, only tell you he suspects one. The problem comes when the NHS don’t want to diagnose it either. Ideally you need to know what you’re dealing with.

    I get muscle spasms due to spine problems, the muscles go into spasm to try to keep the spine still to avoid making the problem worse. It’s as if the muscles go overboard and tense themselves up more than is helpful, creating another painful problem. IME the…[Read more]

  • These products to me seem to serve Google/amazon more than they would serve me.

    I agree, for now. There’s obviously potential in the technology but from where I sit, I can’t yet see that anyone’s dropped on the ‘killer app’, to use a dreadful modern phrase, that turns it from something that might save you a couple of seconds checking something online or physically turning some music on, for example. I see the claims about being able to do video calls and for me, that’s something I don’t do; I can only assume that there’s a different generation for whom ‘facetime’ calls are a thing because they aren’t a thing for me or others I know. If I ask one of my nieces or nephews they may explain it to me.

    And then there’s the google/amazon thing. I use both on my PC, my tablet and my…[Read more]

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    The US is actually shrinking world populationas they also are having 1.7 children per couple. Their growth, like the UK is purely down to net immigration.

    In planetary terms that means they’re not contributing to population growth at all.


  • troll replied to the topic I've given up diet drinks in the forum Health 7 months ago

    Good luck!
    I read the study but will continue to drink diet drinks. I’m type one diabetic, I eat low carb high fibre, don’t smoke, certainly don’t do drugs and rarely drink so a nice cold can of Diet Coke is a nice treat. I’ve cut back a lot on carbonated drinks but I restrict enough in my life. I’ll take the risk.

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