• troll posted an update 5 months ago

    Any recommendations for low alcohol beer?

    Best three I’ve tasted so far are Nanny State (everyone’s favourite), Erdinger and M&S Czech lager.

    • mutt replied 5 months ago

      Hmm, they are the 3 I’d recommend.

      In europe most of the wheat beer breweries will do a low alcohol version now. Most are pretty decent but hard to get here (think I’ve seen franziskaner)

      • ted replied 5 months ago

        There are now several websites that will import at low cost if you are buying at least 12 bottles.

    • Ali replied 5 months ago

      Weissbeer, I think it’s spelt, I thought was really good, (considering the obvious). Along with Erdinger it’s been my favorite.

      I tried one last night called Bitburger, but wouldn’t bother with that.

    • If you like Erdinger, then you should search out some Franziskaner (A blue label with a picture of a monk on the label) … only 0.5%abv and very drinkable! Probably the my favourite. Also, Warsteinner once chilled isn’t too bad for a 0%er. Both are available in my local Tesco.

    • em replied 5 months ago

      Bitberger Drive is the best German pilsner type I’ve come across, (Estrella) Free Damm the best British/Euro type drinking lager. Morrisons do the Estrella, can’t find a supplier for Bitberger anywhere.

      Nanny State tastes like fizzy herbal tea!

    • jack replied 5 months ago

      How low?

      I’m looking for sub 4% recommendations. Ale not lagers.

      • Had one last night:

        Mad Squirrel Bijou; ‘Vermont Table Beer’, 2.9%

        Nice balance between malt and hops. Full flavoured, and didn’t taste ‘lightweight’ at all.

        This seems a pretty accurate description:


      • So you’re not after especially low, you’re after normal beers which are at the lower end.

        I used to love a pint of Flowers Best Bitter – not seen it recently but that was 3.3% and a lovely drop of ale. My local has Ringwood’s Razor Back as the pub beer, 3.8% again very enjoyable. Brakspear Bitter is only 3.4%, it’s okay but I wouldn’t want it as a staple. If you want very hoppy then Badger’s Hopping Hare is 4.0%.

        If you want more malty and less hoppy beers then you could look at milds. Traditionally lower in alcohol than a stout, and a bit sweeter. I did a quick search and a few new ones are >4% but you can find the odd 3.5 %. It’s not really my cup of tea, but I’m sure someone will suggest a good’un.

      • mike replied 5 months ago

        Kernel brewery do a reasonable table beer. It’s 2.5% and probably about as good as you’ll get sub 3%. It’s really quite a challenge to brew beers with gravity this low that aren’t either as thin as water or just way too sweet. Nanny state is absolutely disgusting.

        Closer to 4% is fine. Harvest pale from castle rock is under 4% and is pretty decent. Lots more british ales to choose from between 3.5-4%.

      • matt replied 5 months ago

        You should try some Berliner Weiss beers. They are fermented and soured with a sourdough culture before being boiled and fermented with an ale yeast. Hawkshead brewery do one called solar sour which is 3.3% and absolutely delicious and very refreshing on a hot day.