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    @troll I agree 100%! I am wary of tech, can see benefits but the control / know all element is becoming more Orwellian. Would never have that Alexa thing or any thing similar, but most of us have net access and wifi. Ultimately what’s in scifi will happen as most are walking towards tech with tunnel vision.

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    @troll So Mark Zukerberg is evil because he wants to give everyone free money?

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    @troll You’re not making much sense. Zuckerberg (and many Silicon Valley billionaires) support some for of UBI.

    Again, this is so that everybody has a basic level of income to spend on consumer goods. Which are of course advertised on Facebook. The way you word it, it’s some kind of Dr Evil plot to enslave the world. I’m not saying there aren’t dangers, but do you really think that’s the motivation?

    Also, for the most part these are publicly traded companies answerable to shareholders (eg. mine and your pension portfolios) who demand maximum return – so quite frankly they’re not going to do anything to jeopardise their business model.

  • @troll Have they been useful in your experience? I just assumed a GP visit would equal a referral to physio and a long waiting list. I can go privately to physio anyway, if that seems to be a sensible course of action. But if it is wiser to go to GP first, then of course I’d do that.

  • I can’t believe China wanting to ignore thousands of years of keeping to itself to wanting to seek world domination.

    @troll On the contrary, they’ve pretty much said explicitly that they want the 21st century to be the Chinese century. Here in Australia their relatively aggressive foreign policies – South China Sea islands, aid-as-occupancy in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific – are always in the news and we get plenty of articles like this:

    In general, if you can assign an attitude to a whole nation – which I’m sure is at least partly inaccurate and unfair – the Chinese feel that they have endured a thousand years or so of western world domination and they have…[Read more]

  • @troll that is my experience too, my left hip is more hypermobile than my right hip, the muscles on my left side overtry to stabilise it and sometimes instead of just being painful going into over drive.

  • What computers can’t currently do, and I imagine will not be able to for the foreseeable future is make high level judgements.

    @troll Have a look at the links to Parts 1 and 2 of the paper on the Growth of the AI revolution which I edited into my previous post whist you were posting yours.

  • @troll I agree that the US are very stingy when it comes to helping people in need.. but that is their problem. These big tech companies avoid tax not just in the US but across the whole world in countries strapped for cash. For example a couple billion that google avoids paying because of a deal they struck with George Osbourne could have gone a long way in helping people in the UK when government budget cuts targeting the most vulnerable in society.

    Putting blind faith in a “few” big tech companies is not good idea, the bosses that run the company’s are not saints for example if you look at people like Eric Schmidt (he is a sex pest and Nazis). I wish there was MORE competition in the tech world so that the wealth is not just concentrated in California.. and that will mean even…[Read more]

  • @troll yes I do agree it is a worse case scenario, my agent was both horrified and furious with the landlord. I did think about whether to post or not but given that the OP had mentioned a ‘Weirdo landlord’s father’ I decided to post. A door chain is a good safety measure anyway. Again I agree super rare for this to happen.

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    @troll When we got the first one, roomba was pretty much the only company in the market.

    We don’t have a cat, but I don’t believe they all hate them. I have seen videos of cats using them as nice heated chariots for moving between rooms without effort, and being able to side-swipe the dog as they travel past.

  • dave replied to the topic Best Robot vacuum cleaners? in the forum Tech 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    @troll Who knows what nefarious plans our future robot overlords have!!
    Can I come round yours and start measuring stuff then, no questions asked?!

  • @troll Thanks for the info. I get unlimited internet on my phone/tablet so wasn’t going to bother with a phone line/internet to begin with. I have been looking into insurance, the letting agent tried to sell me theirs but I had already looked and realised it was double what was on Compare the Market.

    I shall investigate energy companies.

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    That’s happened in Sheffield, the bus which went up the hill near my home no longer runs, not so helpful as people age, or for older people already in the area. It only vanished once the buses were privatised.

    @adam It’s not just buses either, I only found out recently the coppers get a slice of pie from a new housing development.

    So it would be interesting to see what other services get a slice of the pie, it’s no wonder house prices are so high!! You don’t get owt for nowt, is right!

    It’s no wonder the Tories don’t want council houses, because having a stock of council houses controls the price of the rental market, which in turn controls the housing market. Any drop in that means less money for services or more demand for government money.

    Meanwhile we’re all paying…[Read more]