• utterz posted an update 10 months ago

    Sick and tired of WordPress not having the features that you want your site to have? WordPress is very rigid… making your own content management system can help you create a unique, feature rich, unhackable and it is easier than you might think. All you need to know is a bit of basic php and an understanding of a framework. In any php website that you build from scratch without using WordPress or anything like that you use controllers, views(HTML) and models (database). The controller is the middle of the application which interacts with the model sending and receiving information to and from the model and sending this information to the view. Laravel is an MVC framework. To install it is quite simple.. you need composer which will let you install laravel via the command line. You can find out the different command lines that will install laravel via laravel a help documents on this website. Installing laravel using composer command line install will create a number of different folders and files on your website which will help you to create your site.

    You then use a local development environment on your computer and point this local host to your laravel public folder. Then you must create a MySQL database and on .env in the laravel root folder you must point laravel to this database using the usernames and passwords you used to create it. When your site is needing to become live you simply change the passwords and host to your websites own one.
    Now that you have laravel set up there are tons of online tutorials that will let you create any type of site you want.. for example a store, a forum or even a social network!