• utterz posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Don’t use webhsoting talk to find hosting as you will only be scammed! For example I started using inodehost and it is a complete and utter rip off. I first started having
    problems with one of my sites hosted on inodehost a few weeks ago when the server was hacked. I know that the hack was server sided because my wordpress site was fully updated, had an extremely secure password that was only used for that site and was also running wordfence for extra security.
    I received no apology from inodehost and it took me ages to redo my entire sites from scratch. If this wasn’t enough my site then started to run EXTREMELY SLOW until one day I tried accessing my site and it came up with an error telling me that my “bandwidth has been reached” even though my site was pretty new and hardly uses up any bandwidth at all… which means that either inodehost have tampered with my bandwidth usage to force me to upgrade to even more expensive host or the server was hacked again and the hacker was using up all the servers resources to spam.

    I found out about inodehost through the webhostingtalk forum. This isn’t the first time that I have been scammed by a host from the webhostingtalk forum. I have used several other hosts and all the hosts that I have used either get hacked, are extremely slow or run off with your money! At webhosting talk the admins let anyone advertise.. and do not do any back ground checks to check whether hosting companies are legit or scammers. If you go on the webhosting forums to complain about the host you simply get bombarded by clairvoyant shills denying anything is wrong and that you must have done something wrong yourself.

    The moral of this story is simple.. avoid any host advertising on webhostingtalk!

    • Another thing to bear in mind when choosing a host is what other sort of domains are hosted the server and using the same ip. For example using a reverse ip lookup tool you can find other domains hosted on the same server as you.. and apparently looking at the other domains on the inodehost server there are tons of viagra and dodgy websites being hosted on the server which can also cause problem for your site such as you ip maybe blocked when sending emails and your reputation with search engine like google maybe tarnished as google may think that your site is a spam site as well… I guess most hosts on webhostingtalk are super cheap and attract dodgy spammers to host their sites on.. so more reason to avoid sites from that cesspool of a forum.