• utterz posted an update 9 months ago

    Recently I ordered a new computer from pcspecialist. It cost me over £1500 and has a new intel i7 8700 processor, nvidia gtx 1080 graphics card and is packed with a m.2 sdd, making it super fast!
    The M.2 SSD Drive means that booting up my computer and programs literally takes seconds. Thanks to the 1080 graphics card I am able to play games like grand theft auto of super high settings with zero lag…and can render particle effects in Autodesk maya and aftereffects without a problem. Compared to my old Lenovo computer this desktop is just 100x better.. I say old but my Lenovo computer was only a year old but sucked really bad even though I bought it from ebuyer for £500. I really dont think I will ever buy a branded pre built computer ever again because you definitely get ALOT MORE BANG for your buck if you do some research and pick out your own super fast parts.

    My only complaint with pcspecialist is that I was promised a free pc game with my 1080 graphics card but pcspecialist never sent me it 🙁

    • Seems pcspecialist aren’t very good at delivering all the free stuff they promise. I was sent an email from pcspecialist saying if I wrote a review on trustpilot for them I would get sent a free pen hard drive… never got it!

      • I have been thinking about buying a new computer from a custom pcbuilder.. is it only worth it though if you are spending a lot of money on your new computer? Also can you return it if it breaks?

        • If you are on a medium end budget I would stick with branded pcs. Building your own or using a pc builder is only cost effective in my opinion if you are wanting a high end pc.