• utterz posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    In my opinion Google’s fight against so called “fake news” is nothing more than blatant censorship used to silence those with an opinion Google does not want seen.
    In the shadows Google maybe already censoring news on some websites that mention political news such as news about Donald Trump.
    On a website that I run that is included on google news I decided to write a series of news articles about Donald Trump. Typically on this “high PR” news site google usually indexes any news article I write within 10mintues of me posting it however what I found with posting news about Donald Trump no matter if it is good or bad is that Google takes a very loooooong time to index the articles, so long in fact that by the time that google does in fact index it the news story is a couple days old and no one is searching for it any more.

    It looks as though for certain political news google is deliberately taking its time to index news from sites that are not part of the controlled mainstream media in order to push them out of sight.

    This indicates that Google has far too much power and is abusing its monopoly on internet search to manipulate what people can and cannot find on the internet. This isn’t the first time google has been using its dominance to push its own agenda, Google is very much hated by small business owners who have had their sites “penalized” and demoted in the search results by google in order for google to extort money from them via adwords just to be seen in the most used search engine on the planet. It is time that we stood up to this beast and boycott google before it is too late!