• utterz posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Turns out that wacom is no longer top dog when it comes to drawing tablets any more because by the looks of it DELL has created a beast of a drawing tablet. If you are into digital art then you must check out the new dell canvas. It is the same size as the cintiq 27qhd by wacom BUT hardly has any parallax at all according to this review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5p3ysa97mg which makes it a lot better than the cintiq 27qhd in my books as the parallax on that thing killed the drawing experience for me. Wacom have recently released a new line of cintiq pro tablets in sizes 12 and 16 inch however in my opinion those things look far too small to draw on as you will be restricted to drawing from just your wrist rather than drawing using your shoulder… so at the moment it seems as though Dell are top dogs now in the drawing tablet game. Will be interesting to see if wacom releases and even bigger cintiq pro tablet to try to compete with the dell canvas.

    • That thing does look pretty good. Competition is always good because it will either force wacoms prices down or get them to make something even better. Would love to see the new cintiq pro in a 20+ inch version with no parallax that would be awesome and this dell canvas shows that it can be done.