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    I worry more about the millions of cretins that actually bother to watch it.

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    On the contrary, it seems to me that any country where the ratio of attention-seeking halfwits to academically able people is only 2.3 to 1 or so is doing pretty well.

    • To take the topic unnecessarily seriously;

      The populations aren’t the same. The applicants to Oxbridge are mostly 17/18 yo Brits, plus mature students and foreign students. I don’t think there’s an age restriction on ‘Love Island’ and there definitely isn’t a restriction based on your assumed grades. Naively it looks to me that, as a percentage…[Read more]

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    Have you had food poisoning or similar gastro problems after seafood?

  • I’ve been leasing (aka Personal Contract Hire) for 20 years and a key thing to understand is that the good deals (and there are some) are those when the manufacturer has excess stock of any given model (often when a new version is imminent).

    Rather than dump that excess stock on the retail market and depress prices they get rid by giving them to…[Read more]

  • @singer I agree with you but I have a big ‘but’ about some disabled children who are being ‘educated’ at great expense.

    I have a friend who has a profoundly disabled daughter. She can barely see, can’t walk, talk, feed or toilet herself, and has an estimated intellect of a very young child.

    Money was spent sending this girl to a local college…[Read more]

  • My Grammar School turned to a comprehensive in my second year sixth form. I was utterly shocked. I’d been living in a bubble where all people were intelligent and well educated, where people did what they were told and all came from similar backgrounds. I still remember my horror when, as a prefect, I told a first year girl to stand in line in the…[Read more]