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    To answer your question, any pension that you withdraw from your drawdown fund will be liable to the standard rate of income tax (with the part up to your tax allowance tax free). As others have said, be very careful of being caught out by scammers – if you don’t know yourself what you want to do with your drawdown fund it’s best to leave the money where it is.

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    I worry more about the millions of cretins that actually bother to watch it.

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    On the contrary, it seems to me that any country where the ratio of attention-seeking halfwits to academically able people is only 2.3 to 1 or so is doing pretty well.

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      To take the topic unnecessarily seriously;

      The populations aren’t the same. The applicants to Oxbridge are mostly 17/18 yo Brits, plus mature students and foreign students. I don’t think there’s an age restriction on ‘Love Island’ and there definitely isn’t a restriction based on your assumed grades. Naively it looks to me that, as a percentage of the base population, the application rate to Oxbridge may be far higher….

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    Have you had food poisoning or similar gastro problems after seafood?

  • I’ve been leasing (aka Personal Contract Hire) for 20 years and a key thing to understand is that the good deals (and there are some) are those when the manufacturer has excess stock of any given model (often when a new version is imminent).

    Rather than dump that excess stock on the retail market and depress prices they get rid by giving them to the lease finance companies at huge discounts to list and those finance companies are then able to rent them out cheaply without pulling the rug too much from under the feet of the franchise dealer networks.

    I currently lease a (list) £19k car for £142/month on a 3+23 basis 2 year contract. So I pay c. £3,700 over 2 years which is probably less than the depreciation would have been on a normal retail purchase and of course avoids the ne…[Read more]

  • @singer I agree with you but I have a big ‘but’ about some disabled children who are being ‘educated’ at great expense.

    I have a friend who has a profoundly disabled daughter. She can barely see, can’t walk, talk, feed or toilet herself, and has an estimated intellect of a very young child.

    Money was spent sending this girl to a local college where she is ‘taught’ by people with degree level qualifications and has laughably even been sent out on ‘work experience’ to the council plant nursery when she is incapable of even potting out a seedling or picking a daffodil. The college course was simply extremely expensive daycare.

    Why is the education system pretending to educate young people which such profound disability? Just because every child is entitled to an education to the…[Read more]

  • My Grammar School turned to a comprehensive in my second year sixth form. I was utterly shocked. I’d been living in a bubble where all people were intelligent and well educated, where people did what they were told and all came from similar backgrounds. I still remember my horror when, as a prefect, I told a first year girl to stand in line in the dinner queue and she replied by kicking me. It was great life experience to have the school turn comprehensive, and prepared me for the real world.

    I have felt ever since that it isn’t right to segregate the academically able from ‘the rest’.

    I also dislike the downgrading effect that they have on other schools in the area. Kids learn by example, and of all the academically gifted kids have been siphoned off somewhere else, where is…[Read more]