Boris Johnson and Professor Chris Whitty are now saying that even with both doses of the vaccine you shouldn't hug your loved ones because the vaccines are not 100% effective. What the hell is the point of them then? With these two commies in charge we will never get back our freedoms. #Covid #plandemic
Chris Whitty doesn't want this pandemic to ever end because he wants everyone to live a life as crappy as his.
yogurt: I hate the stupid bastard. On tv today he rolled his eyes at someone for simply asking him a question.
Feeling... crappy: I think he should go back under whatever rock he came from.
farce: Disgusting being. Don't think he is even human.
Professor Chris Whitty is a complete psychopath who views people simply as numbers and statistics and if shitty determines that your life isn't worth saving he will throw you to the bottom of the priority list.

#ChrisWhitty #Psychopath
Chris Whitty is Harold Shipman 2.0
farce: He hass killed a heck of a lot more people than Harold shipman.
It is so funny how Chris Whitty is trying to shift the blame onto the general public for covid19 spreading out of control when it was his advice to open schools in September saying kids don't spread it that really did it.
Chris Whitty does not want this pandemic to end. As a Marxist he loves the power and control that he now has over everyone's lives.

#ShittyWhitty #Communist #Marxist
burp: He looks like a demon pretending to be a human in a really rubbish pretend skin suit.
dog: He is a LIAR!
At the start of the pandemic it was Chris Whitty who advised the government to stop tracking and tracing the virus... This led to the virus spreading out of control and into general circulation. He is the reason so many people have died and why this country is in such a mess!

#ProffessorChrisWhitty #Covid19
Chris Whitty has never tried to get rid of the virus.. his aim right from the start has always been to force us to live with the virus under his "new normal". He is a Marxist and wants to take away everyone's freedom, personal lives, businesses and choose who lives and who dies.

#Marxist #ChrisWhitty #Evil
It was professors Whitty's idea to free up hospitals beds by sending elderly hospital patients back to their care homes without being tested for Covid19 this led to the outbreak in care homes and so many deaths! Now Chris Whitty is saying that care workers should carry on working in care homes even if they have symptoms to cope with staff shortages. Chris Whitty is a murderer and is helping to spread covid19.

#ChrisWhitty #Murderer #scumbag #covid19
Shitty Whitty helped fuel the second wave. Despite clear evidence from other countries such as Spain and France that showed that schools helped spread the virus.. determined to send kids back to school Whitty lied to the general public telling everyone that schools where safe and kids don't spread the virus.. HOW WRONG HE WAS! Thanks to his shit advice we now find ourselves in a worse place than we were back in April.