To "ease pressure" off the NHS covid19 patients are being sent from hospitals to HOSPICES to get care. You don't send highly infectious people into places full of the most vulnerable people in society unless you want to kill them all. This is inexcusable. The NHS and the government did not learn or rather did not want to learn from their mistake of sending covid19 patients to care homes which resulted in many elderly and vulnerable people getting infected and dying. Boris Johnsons government and the NHS are killing the most vulnerable people on a mass scale!

Remember this back in summer when NHS doctors and Nurses protested in the streets for more money whilst patients choked to death in their hospital beds.

What's up buttercup: Yes because after killing over 115 000 people NHS workers really do deserve a pay rise.
Feeling... crappy: Golly gosh, what arseholes!
Covid19 doesn't kill people NHS doctors and nurses shoving ventilator tubes down peoples throats does!

#Covid19 #NHS
Make sure to do your bit. Stay at home and mentally torture yourself for a whole year to help ease the pressure off the NHS so doctors and nurses can make more stupid dancing TikTok videos.

There are lots of different treatments for covid19 that have been proven to be a lot more effective than just stuffing a ventilator tube down someone's throat... but the NHS reserve these treatments for VIPS only because they think it would cost them too much money and not worth saving peoples lives.

#CrapFortheNHS #NHS #covid19
Bingo Wings: They pick and choose who lives and who dies based upon the will of the NHS treatment pathway system and If you do not fit then you die.
This pandemic highlights just how little the NHS cares about mentally ill people. They have been thrown under the bus during this pandemic.

NHS doctors and nurses made sure that they were front of the line for covid19 vaccines... obviously they only care about themselves and don't care about the most vulnerable who are more likely to die from the virus.

#CrapForTheNhs #Evil #Selfish
JamEs: More doctors and nurses have been vaccinated than actual vulnerable elderly people. LOL