Peter Daszak needs to be put on trial for mass murder in a country with the death penalty. Peter Daszak cannot get away with creating covid and killing so many people! He created covid19 and deliberately let it spread which has resulted in the deaths of millions of vulnerable and elderly people across the world. Not only that he has also basically heralded in a new era of communist covid restrictions and lockdowns that have devastated our economies and way of life and destroyed our democracy. This scumbag has gone to war with us and we need to stop him before he tries to do it again. #PeterDaszak #covid #Scum
Feeling... crappy: Every so often in human history you get monsters such as Hitler and Stalin who kill millions Peter Daszak is one of those monsters. He will probably get a Nobel prize or something stupid for enriching and empowering totalitarian governments around the world the elites will love him.