Somebody put Professor Chris Whitty in another headlock! Yesterday he told everyone during the press conference that we will see a 1000 hospitalizations a day because of the Omicom variant. He has ZERO scientific evidence for such claims. In fact the evidence is pointing to the good news that Omnicom is actually a lot less severe and just causes very mild symptoms. Its Chris Whitty and his weasel commie mates that are pushing us all pointlessly into another lockdown. The omiCON variant is showing up all these scientists as the fakes that they are. They just make stuff up with out any actual scientific evidence and are desperate for another lockdown and restrictions because are a bunch of Stalin worshipping, jobsworth bureaucratic pen pushing communist rat bags.
#ChrisWhitty #FakeNews #Covid #Lockdown
JamEs: We need to fight back now we cannot keep living our lives under the thumbs of these pathetic losers. A civil war maybe needed... just sayin!
Feeling... crappy: He is a walking talking contradiction.