Thanks to lockdown the economy is in ruins as well as people mental and physical health... but the government want more covid restrictions and lockdowns? People need to desperately wake up and see that something sinister is going on here. They are deliberately doing this and making ALOT of money from the plandemic! Stop adhering to the arbitrary, non sensical and stupid Stalin inspired covid rules and take back control of your life and live it! #Covid #plandemic #Lockdown
JamEs: YUP! Even though omicron is milder than the delta variant the fake professors are using the excuse that because it will spread more then we will see more hospitalizations and will over whelm the dumb NHS (although if you don't want to wait for your treatment you can go private and pay and see the same doctor as soon as you want so the NHS are not that overwhelmed) which is illogical and just a lame excuse to lock us all down more.