Don't trust Trustpilot it's a sham website! I have stopped writing reviews on trustpilot because so many of my reviews have magically disappeared on it without any warning. The fact is that trustpilot removes negative reviews for company's that pay them...that's trustpilots business model, it is as simple as that.

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ming: I had 3 different reviews that I wrote on trustpilot deleted. No explanation given. It is a crappy website designed for companies to fake creditability.
proffessorshitty: It works the other way around too you know. My business has had real genuine customer reviews deleted because they were positive and we don't have a business account with them. I actually wish the customers wrote the reviews on my actual site instead as that would have more benefited us more SEO wise. Trustpilot is just far too much hassle than its worth and they are just scammers using their platform to extort money from businesses that don't want a bad trustpilot rating.
talkingcat: Yep happened to me too. better off writing a review here on utterz there is no way it will get removed by a company then HAHA
agentorange: Trustpilot is a really crappy website 💩 The vast majority of positive reviews are written by bots and most of the real genuine reviews that are negative are removed.