I'm all for people breaking the stupid lockdown rules but when the government are making the rules and using the police to force everyone to abide by them like some sort of dictatorship... then they should not be breaking their own rules! By the sounds of it Downing street has been party central with seemingly never ending revelations of parties during lockdown whilst we have been all struggling and losing our minds.

In other news its been revealed politicians have been accepting money from a Chinese spy for influence in our parliament.

All this corruption must end.

We do not vote in a government for them to make one rule for us and another for them. These self serving corrupt jerks must all go. We need a totally overhaul and purge of our political system.

#Covid #Lockdown #Plandemic
knowmalarkey: That's so sad that you have hypocrits ruling you like in the U.S. of A.
JamEs: @knowmalarkey It proves that lockdown and restrictions were never meant to stop a virus or anything like that if the people who were making the rules weren't even bothered enough to stick to them. It was always about control and getting the drug companies their big vaccine PAYOUT. Politicians will sell anything that's not bolted down. Our politicians have no loyalty to the countries that they are meant to be serving. They seem to only get into politics to try to fix the system in the for their own interests and willing sell our countries off to the highest bidder... China. I remember a couple years ago when David Camron was inviting Jinping to England and have pints with him in a pub!