We now have police meddling in our politics. Thanks to the corrupt MET police (ya know the guys that let one of their policemen arrest, rape and murder a women using his new covid law powers during lockdown) Boris Johnson will probably get away with his 16 lockdown parties he had during lockdown because Sue Gray's report will never now be published in full because the police are prohibiting it to Boris Johnsons advantage. #Politics #Lockdown #BorisJohnson
JamEs: @benjaminstyles Nobody really knows.. a former judge even appeared on the news the other day and even he didn't get why this was happening because it wasn't as though their would be a jury involved. Basically a civil servant did an inquiry into the alleged parties going on in downing street. She gathered all the facts together so that politicians could then see what exactly was going on during lockdown. However just as she was about to publish her report which would have probably led to Boris Johnson being kicked out the police all of a sudden wanted to investigate themselves and blocked the report being published in full. This means that this whole thing could drag on for months giving Boris Johnson more time to push everything under the carpet and shrug it all off. Its all a mess. the UK now has a dictator in my opinion who is using the corrupt police to do dodgy stuff like this to keep himself in power.