All covid restrictions may be lifted a month earlier than planned according to the government. Which is good news!!!! However the bbc and the lanky twat health correspondent Hugh Pym is trying their best to pressure the government and stop this from going ahead bringing on fake scientists after fake scientists to talk about how its a bad idea and using ONS data which is just speculative nonsense and not even based on actual real cases. The bbc is using this fake data to now tell everyone that covid cases are going up. FUCK THE BBC FAKE NEWS PEDDLING COMMIE TWATS!

This really has annoyed me. The BBC's constant trolling and fear mongering is going to push some people mental health too far. Hugh Pym should be a shamed of himself that smirking sadist I hope he gets lynch mobbed outside bbc hq! I dont get forced to pay my tv licesnse for these bunch of communist dickheads to tell me what to do.

Feeling... crappy: Hugh Pym is a crap journalist who is using covid fake news to keep himself in a job.