AT the church I go to the ministers actually help fill out immigration forms for illegal immigrants.. mostly Muslims who claim they are Christian and then after a few months probably after their claim is accepted you never see them again. Is this right? The Anglican church network is currently holding a big conference in Africa at the moment.. probably to bring in more immigrants. Why are they so determined to destroy the uk? Its not like they do any preaching to English people. Literally if you are white and not born in a Christian household the Anglican church does not care at all about you.. they will do ZERO outreach to the demographic.. but if you are black or Muslim then you deserve to hear the gospel. The gospel is for everyone of all races but at the moment its only being preached to groups that the liberals can virtue signal about.
dkthered: What the heck!?!?!?!
dkthered: I read a verse the other month... I'll try and find it. About God telling Israelites to not have foreigners lead over them.