These so called scientists will always have some sort of "crisis" lined up for us all to enjoy. If its not covid19 then it will be a new variant, climate change or some other made up problem. But the one thing that all of these crisis's have in common is that people are deemed responsible and the problem and in order to fix things we all need to accept changes and restrictions to our lives to sort them out.

The reality is that these scientists are not scientific at all. They base things not on quantifiable and measurable facts but on their own judgements and "expert" opinions and use fake science as a weapon to override democracy and push through their world view and Marxism.

#Covid19 #Marxism #democracy #Science #EndLockdown
What's up buttercup: Give a Marxist an inch and they will take everything. I do hope there is a backlash against university professors and they get what they deserve.
Boris Johnson sucks: Real scientists would have came up with a real solution already rather than telling everyone to hide in their basements forever. Just like all communists they lack imagination, innovation and souls.