Professor Anthony Harnden, deputy chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation who also sounds like a HOMOSEXUAL if you hear him talk has said that if we go “wild” and ignore social distancing rules we will experience another wave greater and more deadlier than the others. His comments are based upon nothing but his OPINION. He has no scientific evidence that backs up his claim that another wave would be worse if we don't obey their rules. IRONIC that his warnings come on the day the government announces that it has bought 60 million more booster Pfizer jabs for autumn. #AnthonyHarnden #covid #SCAM #plandemic
crappy: He is a drug pusher.
JamEs: Yes I listened to him on the BBC news too. He didn't provide any scientific evidence just stated his opinion as though it was fact. His comments will scare people and take away their hope that lockdown and restrictions wont ever end causing more suicides. People like him are not about saving lives they want there 15 minutes of fame and to sell as many vaccines as possible at any cost.