Fake scientist Professor Ravi Gupta is calling for a delay to easing lockdown and restrictions because he says that we are in a third wave.. even though deaths and hospitalizations are LOWER than they were 15 months ago before we went into lockdown. He has ZERO evidence but talks as though what he is saying fact when its just his OPINION. He talks about the Indian variant fuelling this third wave.. but the only Indian variant I see causing death and misery is Ravi Gupta. People will hear his comments and lose hope because of them. We are losing more people to suicide than covid19 and it is EVIL sadistic marxists like him fuelling this pandemic. There seems to be a never ending supply of these professors feeding off peoples misery like the sadistic trolls that they are! #RaviGupta #covid #endLockdown
Freedom Fighter: It pays their wages to come up with this rubbish just Ignore them for the sake of your sanity 🙂