Professor Neil Fergusson is evil.

A recent study has found that 8 out of 10 people now have antibodies for covid 19 in the UK and there is no evidence at all to suggests that we are going to have another wave. However the fake and really creepy lipstick wearing scientist Professor Neil Fergusson is warning of a "substantial" third wave. He has no DATA for this. Covid deaths have been super low for MONTHS now. Professor Neil Fergusson is simply a sadist who just want to cause more suicides. He needs stopping.. at least banned from appearing on tv spouting such unproven and potentially dangerous nonsense.

I know I go on about these scientists a lot but that is because they keep on appearing on tv relentlessly and feel as though I have to speak out about it because what they are doing is destroying peoples mental health. I will carry on calling out these evil sadistic scientists every time they appear on tv because it is not right what they are doing. #NeilFergusson #covid #pandemic