Double standards or what. The latest revelations that the health sectary Matt Hancock has been having an affair during lockdown and breaking his own stupid social distancing laws really takes the mick. If Matt Hancock is making laws that mean people get arrested by the POLICE for breaking pathetic social distancing yet he himself in secret is breaking the same laws then why should we obey them! Grand parents haven't been allowed to hug their grand children in a whole year but Matt Hancock is allowed to do whatever the hell he likes.

It is obvious that even Matt Hancock does not even believe in the threat of covid and he is the Health secretary. The covid restrictions and social distancing is simply a means of controlling the peasants like in Communist China.

It is one rule for us and another one for them! We need to get rid of these corrupt hypercritical, communist china puppets once and for all.

Alien boy: Im sooooooooo glad Matt Hancock is now gone!