Here comes the pandemic tax RISES guys to pay for the NHS incompetence and their stupidly highly wages!!!

Boris Johnson is set to raise the national insurance tax by 1% despite saying in his election manifesto that he would not raise the national insurance rate at all. This tax rise is supposedly to pay for "social care" however no doubt the money will simply go towards paying for health professionals huge public sector wages and pensions and will do nothing to actually help anyone. Furthermore raising national insurance will hit the young poor people the most as well as small businesses wanting to hire new people. The fact of the matter is that Boris Johnson is an incompetent corrupt liar who said anything to get into power now he is just doing whatever the hell he likes! Hopefully the fat bastard has a heart attack soon!

#BorisJonhson #Tories
farce: Even the Labour party has said that they wont vote for this tax rise in the houses of commons... that means Boris Johnson is even further left than the labour party!!! 😆