It is official Boris Johnson will impose vaccine passports at the end of September. This will mean that if you want to go anywhere where there are people such as concerts, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants etc you will need to be double vaccinated. This decision was made months and months ago so their is no science behind it just another dogmatic decision making from a bunch of communist professors and corrupt politicians wanting more control over peoples lives. Boris is also pushing for all children to be vaccinated even though Covid used to be a virus that just affected the most vulnerable and elderly... but now the communists have turned it into a disease that will kill you instantly if you don't do what they say. Boris Johnson is the worst prime minister in British history he is basically trying to be Xi Jinping. #BorisJohnson #Tories #politics #Covid
Feeling... crappy: So now we will have to share our what should be confidential medical records with a random bouncer outside a nightclub... WOW!